Densus 4712

To all the Citizens of Thylicia and Subjects of the Crown and Peoples of Golarian

With the glorious incorporation of Silver Warren and its inhabitants into Thylicia, it is necessary to establish this Writ of Precedence for the present time and the future.

Absolute Primogeniture

Thylicia shall follow the Elven rules of Absolute Primogeniture.

For the Monarchy, the Right and Law is of the legitimate, firstborn, Full Blooded Elf child of the Sovereign Monarch to be the Heir Apparent, and be called Crown Prince or Crown Princess. All other children shall have the title of Prince or Princess. Upon assumption to the Throne, the title shall be Sovereign Monarch, and addressed as such, or addressed as King or Queen. Spouses shall be Queen or King respectively, but shall not be Sovereign Monarchs.

For Peers, the Right and Law is of the legitimate, firstborn child to inherit his or her parent’s main Peerage. Other titles may be inherited or passed to other heirs. This is encouraged for married Peers in their own right.

For those cases where there is not a legitimate, firstborn child, the child of a deceased elder sibling inherits before a living younger sibling by right of substitution for the deceased heir. In the absence of any children, siblings succeed, individually, to the inheritance by seniority of age, subject to substitution.

For the Monarchy, if succession is unclear, then the matter will be decided by the House of Commons.

For Peers, if succession is unclear, then the matter will be decided by the House of Lords, or Peers should judge Peers. If the House of Lords is unable to reach a verdict, it will fall to the Sovereign Monarch.

Thanes shall rule their domains, subject to the Thylician Great Law, but not Lessor Law. Thanes are to be selected through their own law, subject to approval by the Sovereign Monarch, to whom they will travel to swear their allegiance.

Knighthoods, as created, will not count as Peerage and are not inheritable. Their manner of their address is Sir or Dame.

Paladins are considered Knights in their Holy Orders. The manner of their address is according to their orders, not the Peerage system. Anyone, Commoner or Peer may be Knighted.

Precedence in the Kingdom

The Founders shall have Precedence over other Peers, regardless of their personal Peerage. This includes the Heir or any other Royal Family. Decedents of the Founders, will fall after the Royal Family, regardless of Personal Peerage.

In address, we will not make a distinction between equals or inferior ranks. A Duke is always called such. Families of Peers use Commoner form. Spouses become The Lady or The Lord.

Married Peers in their own Right will fall with the higher order of Precedence of their spouses. The older Peerage has Precedence. The same is true for Thanes.

Order of Precedence Form of Address
King/Queen Your Majesty, Sire
King/Queen Spouse Your Highness
Founder By Title or Peerage
Heir Your Highness
Royal Family Your Highness
Thane Your Highness
Kingdom Leader Position By Title or Peerage
Duke/Duchess Duke/Duchess
Founder Families By Peerage if any, or Your Grace
Earl Earl
Count/Countess Count/Countess
Baron/Baroness Baron/Baroness
None Mr/Mrs/Miss
Writ of Precedence and Primogeniture