The campaign is set over 22,000 years in the future at the beginning of the ‘Great Restoration’. Fully 10,000 years have past since the psionically based Pax collapsed in the face of a psionic plague. Without the psionic technology, and no leaders, the past 10,000 years have been a time of long darkness.

In what was the Damascus Parish of the Pax, civilization arose in several systems. The Cobb system came to dominate the others around it, and formed a military-commercial state, The Cobb Republic. Over time, it adsorbed is trading partners, expanding its borders until a series of long wars with two powerful neighbors, The Sultanate of Parthia, and the Tyre Confederacy. Eventually, after over 200 years of war, the Republic of Cobb defeated the both the Tyre Confederacy, and the Sultanate, transforming itself into the Imperium.

Today, the Imperium is one of three local powers that are the main engines of civilization. The other two are its arch foe, the Midakoate, and the trading partner to them both, the Paxton Commonwealth. These three nations have an uneasy peace, as they all move to adsorb the fringe systems around them, each in its own way.

Psionics are not the force they once were. The plague killed the powerful Type I minds, and can sicken Type II. Only the Type III minds are safe, but without training, they rarely reach any significant power. Still, while uncommon, psionic adepts move through all three societies, filling special niches, both legal and illegal. (Imperium Psionics)

In the past 20,000 years, mankind has changed. There are still Terran normal humans, of course. However, the Pax not only modified worlds with their powers, but people. Over a third of the Children of Earth are sub races, designed for different environments. Even more bizarre, with the fall of the Pax, some of these sub races underwent rapid evolution in response to the uncontrolled thoughts of their members. Humans may be the only intelligence in the galaxy, but they have become their own aliens.




The players are mercenaries working for a secret benefactor. All of them have been recruited because of their willingness to promote justice, and their psionic potential. The characters will be working mainly in the Frontier of Imperial Space, which often has a “Wild West” feel. There will be trips into the Fringe and other political entities. The PC’s will not start owning independent transportation, but may acquire it as the campaign continues.

Playuer may be one of the provided races (excpet Mikado), or create a custom race (see template) and/or custom culture. Players may be citizens or subjects of the Imperium. Players may also be citizens or residents of the Paxton Commonwealth (in the case of citizens would mean citizenship of a world within the Commonwealth).

The game will involve classic space opera themes, with a growing emphasis on psionic themes as the PC’s advance in psionic power. While not as powerful as supers, the PC’s will advance from highly trained normals to individuals with personal powers that set them well apart from others. PC’s will have access to psinoic based technology that cannot be used by normal humans. Psionic power will often be the key to sucess in an adventure.

Importance of the PC’s:

The PC’s are not yet important, but will be someday, as they join the ranks of powerful psionics in the world ‘ provided they live that long. . .

Campaign Tone

Morality: Good can be clear, but there is also a lot of gray

Realism: Neutral to Romantic

Outlook: Sometimes it all goes wrong

Seriousness: Seriousness balanced by light-heartedness

Continuity: Mostly Serial, enforcement of campaign continuity


The game is set in the Cobb Imperium, and the surrounding space. It is in the far future, in a universe shaped by a galaxy-ranging psionic empire that fell over 10,000 years ago to a psionic plague. Now civilization is growing again without the benefits of psionic technology.

There are no other races save humans, but they now come in a variety of forms. Terran standard humans are still the majority.

Scope: The whole of known space. . .

Occurrence and Influence of Psionics

Psionics are now rare. The more common types of minds to develop psionics died out with the plague. Players will be burgeoning psionics of Type III or Type II minds, and each will pick a discipline of power. Psionics are generally feared and people with them are generally controlled. Imperium technology has some shielding and detectors.

State of Religion

The main religion of the Imperium is polytheistic, with a huge number of gods. As a state religion, it allows other gods to exist.

Character Building Guidelines

Starting Points: 75
Maximum Disadvantage points: ‘ 75
Maximum points for on disadvantages category:” 25
Special Rules

Starting Psionic Discipline:” 0

Experience Points

Characters will earn regular experience points (xp), and psionic experience points (pxp) over the course of play. Psionic experience points are limited to the purchase of psionic Patterns. Regular experience points are normal character points. These are spent on skills, characteristics, and Discipline skill rolls.