Order of St. Anne


Anne le Compatissant was a young peasant woman in Effay who felt a calling since she was a small child. At the age of 14, she left her father ‘s farm, and moved out into the world tending to the ills of the world. It soon became clear that Anne ‘s very touch was able to heal the injured and cure the sick. Word of Anne ‘s miracles preceded her, and the peasants would gather around her, leading her to those in need. A strongly charismatic figure, Anne ‘s teachings and works attracted unbidden followers, who helped to spread her message, and to protect her. One of Anne ‘s followers, Lie d’Edgar , was a middle aged man well versed in weaponless combat he had learned in East Auster. Eager to protect the young woman he followed, Lie d’Edgar spent his time teaching the others his arts. Anne required that they only use violence in self-defense, and never take the life of a human.

During her travels, Anne found hidden evil lurking across the land. She and her followers drove out the darkness, and were often all that stood between its gaping maw and the souls of the villagers. Here both the gifts of God and the talents of Lie d’Edgar were instrumental. It was in one of these battles, that Lie d’Edgar lost his life, defending Anne from a mortal blow.

As Anne ‘s followers grew in number, with many of them also showing signs of the healing touch, they began to establish Abbeys in areas Anne would frequent. They lived simple, ascetic lives, in the same manner as today. With Anne ‘s death at 86, her followers carried on in her name, continuing her great work. Today, the Order of St. Anne acts to help the innocent, cure the sick, heal the injured, and keep a vigilant watch for the forces of Evil.


The Order of St. Anne is spread across West Auster and there is an Abbey around 10 miles outside almost every major city in Xiotiondom. Abbeys are the center of the Order, where novices are trained, tithes collected, and members are housed. Abbey ‘s are usually a modest stone building, housing 10-30 members, surrounded by sufficient farmland to support the Abbey ‘s population, though often the local village will provide tithes in the form of food. The Order does not demand any payment for services, but instead relies on its deeds to inspire needed support.

At the lowest level of the Abbey, is the Novice. This is someone interested in joining the Order. They can be any age, but all are required to follow the rules of the Order as if they had sworn their lives to service. The purpose is for the Order to accept candidates that are truly willing to serve. Usually, any given Abbey has 10% of its members that are Novices.

Once admitted into the Order formally, one is a Acolyte. Acolytes make up the bulk of the Order, and usually comprise a full 70% of the Abbey. The Acolytes are the base of the Order, who do much of the day to day tasks to maintain the Abbey. They are not allowed to leave the Abbey for more than a day. Many members progress no further than this.

Initiates are the full members, of the Order, and the ones who show signs of divine power. Upon becoming an Initiate, most members leave the Abbey and follow in St. Anne ‘s footsteps, tending to others in the world. After several years of journey (sometimes decades), most return to an Abbey where they provide service for the rest of their lives.

Each Abbey is headed by a Abbot (male) or Abbess(female). These heads of Abbey ‘s are selected by the Initiates of the Abbey. No Initiate that has not had a period of journeys in the world for at least 5 years can become an Abbot or Abbess.

Code of St. Anne

Protect all Innocents from harm. Guard them always.

Do not take the life of a Human Being. No matter how foul, his soul can yet be saved. It is not up to us to appoint the time of death of another.

Package Deal

2 Perk: Order of St. Anne
2 KS: Unleashed
2 KS: Theology
15 Points in Marital Arts
21 Total

-25 Code Of St. Anne
-15 Distinctive Features: Tattoo on hand of circle and cross.
-10 Social Lim: Subject to Abbot’s orders
-50 Total
Mercy of God (Martial Arts)
Martial. Block Damage Classes
Martial Dodge Killing Strike (demons only)
Martial Disarm Defensive Strike
Martial Throw Leg sweep
Gifts of St. Anne
Note: Religious “Spells” do not require a Skill roll or “Faith Roll”. Either you meet the Religious Restrictions or you don’t.

Cost Name Effect End Casting Time
6 Will of St. Anne 5 pt. mental Def, 5pt. Power, ony vs. Transforms 0 0 phase
6 Exorcism 10d6 Dispell V. Summoning, Demons only 18 1hr
6 Touch of St. Anne 3d6 Aid v any stat. Regrows Limbs, only to starting. 5 pts. Week*. Serious Drain to End and Stun as automatic side effect. 3 charges a day. 28 1hr
6 Sanctify Change Envrioment, 4″ to Blessed Ground, -1 OCV, only V. Evil, Uncontrolled 0 1hr
7 Sense Sense Demons, ranged 0 0 phase
5 Healing Hands  3d6 Aid using healing effect (4th Ed.) 1 charge per person per day 6 full phase

*See Seenar’s House Rules, Adjustment Powers