The Underworld

The true Lord of Darkness is Sauder, who resides in the center of the Maelstrom. Here is the true hell, and Sauder alone can move in and out of the Maelstrom. Here is the final resting place of unsaved souls, cut off from the rest of existence. It is to here that any unsaved souls will come after Judgment Day, even if they had been devoured.

Around the outer Maelstrom are the Unformed Lands. The Unformed Lands are places of chaos where matter and energy can exist, but are subject to change. Wrackwinds spun off from the Maelstrom ravage the Unformed Lands, and suck the magic from them. These are the lands of both the Unnamed and Greater Unleashed. From here, wrackwinds will snatch the Unnamed and transport them to a higher realm, often to Earth.

The Outer Hells, home of the False gods, range across an endless waste. A ring of frozen tundra, Gehenna, surrounds the Unformed Lands that expands outward to a circle of impossibly high mountains. Past them, are the other five Outer Hells.. The six hells are:

It is to these six hells that the False Gods divert the souls of their followers, so that they might continue to feed on them and partake of their power.


All Unleashed warp reality around them, changing the very nature of the land, as well as the patterns of life near them. An actual touch is quite dangerous. They can only be affected by magical attacks, and many are capable of rendering themselves immaterial.

Unnamed Unleashed

The Unnamed Unleashed are the classic formless horrors, and other nightmares of legend. They are all too real and present a terrible danger to mortals when they are encountered. Unnamed Unleashed can be brought to the world from a wrackwind, or summoned by human hands.

Greater Unleashed

The Greater Unleashed, or Chaos Lords are mighty beings of power, often of immense size. Each is as unique as it is malevolent. Some have vast intellects; some are mindless. All are dangerous to natural life, and immune to magical attacks. Fortunately, they are too powerful to be transported by wrackwinds, and must be summoned to the Earth. Their origins are unclear, but some believe they come from lesser unleashed that have devoured enough living souls.

Perhaps the most noticeable Chaos Lord is Tiamat, mother of monsters. She is a great multi-necked beast, each ending in a head of a vicious animal or even plant. She leaves behind her clear ichors that support vile eggs. It is from her time on Earth that many monsters sprang whole into the world.


The Unmen, also know as the Vile-Things, are the restless spirits that were once humans in the time of light. They are all that are left of Sauder’s forces, now cut off from the world. They have no power to move from the Outer Hells, save the Unformed Lands, and into the Maelstrom (if they wish death). Even though they can survive in the Unformed lands, they must be careful, for they are as vulnerable to wrackwinds as any mortal would be. The Unmen cannot survive on Earth, as its very fabric, like a body rejecting an infection, rejects them.

No two Unmen are alike. Each has pursued its own form in its twisted pride. They are often hideous to look upon, but unlike Unleashed, they do not warp reality around them.

False gods

The False gods are the most powerful of the Unmen. There are 666 of them, each with varying power, based on the number of souls worship them, both on Earth, and trapped in the Outer Hells. There are 6 at the top, who rule each of the 6 hells:




Earthly place of Worship




Fear, Terror, Greed

Southern Lands & World Wide Cults




Lust, Hedonism

World Wide Cults




War, Destruction, Conquest, Guile





Life/Death & Create/Destroy

Near East




Death & Power

New World




Ridge Order

Far East


The False gods gain power by linking the souls of their worshipers to their beings. This transfers a small part of their magical energy to the False god. This power can then be used to effect events on Earth and in other realms. It is through this worship that they gain power over each other and over mortals.

With the power from these souls, the False Gods will send minion Unmen to Earth, to possess humans and work their evil. Often a high priest of a false religion, is part man and part Vile-Thing. These are very dangerous individuals, capable of working great magic, and adsorbing attacks that would kill normal mortals.