Fellowship of the Crystal Flame

As the Empire of Keld began to fall, only a few understood what was truly happening; Nilmere was one of these. While he was youngest man ever to serve on the Grand Conclave, Nilmere was more than able to see the forces spinning apart the greatest empire since the Fall. While most knew him as the son of Photius, and a moderately adept light mage, Nilmere was in fact, a powerful Mentalist, one of the ancient order that crafted the Constitution Stone of Keld, so long ago. And, like the remains of his order, Nilmere kept his true powers hidden behind a different type of magic.

Seeing that the Empire was doomed, Nilmere tried to convince the others of his order that action needed to be taken, but the leadership, including his father, were in denial about the future. There were believers, those who would look with eyes unclouded by wishes, who choose to follow Nilmere. Together they formed the Fellowship of the Crystal Flame, secret from the rest of the Order and begin to lay their plans. At first they felt they might stop the collapse, but soon decided it was much too late. Instead, they sought to create a haven, that could be the seed for a new empire

The Fellowship decided to start their. Nilmere organized the plan, and the members spread out across the empire, adding to their membership when they found talents capable of accepting the arts. Over the next 30 years, the Fellowship secreted away as many items of power as they could, hiding them across the empire so they would not be lost, or fall into the hands of barbarians. This included the Constitution Stone, no longer used, which Nilmere had installed in a great mountain forge, and took its magic to create the mighty Arienvail.

Now, Nilmere sought to create a safe haven, where the power of Arienvail could be used to form the future seat of a new nation. He chose the Daltish Isles, already lost to the empire some 50 years before. He located the lost grandson of the last Imperial Governor, and raised him as a warrior and leader, and when he came of age, he led the young Brythor to form the core of what has now become Kith Dalton.

The Fellowship has always been small, as those talents able to Keeper mental magic are uncommon among the uncommon people with magical talent. Many never discover their talents here at all, since mental magic is not openly studied, and often discouraged, and these mages take other paths. But, nonetheless, the Fellowship endures, with Keepers passing down their knowledge to the new members.

Over the years, the Fellowship has always been in the wings, nudging and assisting the growth of order and peace. A member was in Great Hall as an adviser to the Dwarven King, urging him to make peace with Brythland. The Mayor of Eurwen who asked for Brythland’s help was married to a member (knowingly). When the Elves of Aycelynn were not yet ready to have ongoing contact with outsiders, the Headmaster of Bridgeford gave his advice to Howard I to let them be. During the dockworkers revolt, members of the Fellowship helped to assuage tempers on both sides, and end the fight before blood was spilled.

Levels of Membership
Most members of the Fellowship start as apprentice mages, learning mental magic. They are located and selected by a Keeper, who then begins their training. Before learning any magic, the apprentice is sworn to the Fellowship Oath.

Adept (2 pt. Perk)
The Adept is released from his or her Keeper, and begins work for the fellowship in the world. He or she is expected to follow any missions or tasks assigned, but often they are autonomous agents, acting as secret heroes and heroines, always on the look out for evil mentalists, and the horrible Unleashed. Adepts are forbidden from training any apprentices, and are monitored by their Keeper via a Psychic Bond.

Keeper (4 pt. Perk)
The Keepers are the leaders of the Fellowship. They use their mental bonds to keep in contact with each other, and coordinate Fellowship activities. Each Keeper also maintains a bond with any apprentices they have taught, regardless of their current rank.

Protector (6 pt Perk)
The highest rank in the Fellowship, there is only one Protector at any time when there is one. The Office is appointed by the Keepers from among their ranks. The Protector is in constant contact with the Keepers, and guides the Fellowship in times of crisis. The Protector may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the Keepers, though this has never been necessary as all previous Protectors, including Nilmere died defeating the crisis they faced. Today there is no one in the Protector slot, with the loss of Sybil against the evil mentalist/demonologist Delamare.

The Fellowship members of hold their charge very seriously. They understand that their magic effects directly, the mind and spirit of others, with the power to read the thoughts, and direct the actions of others. The Fellowship of the Crystal Flame places a great lien on its members, requiring them to use their powers to serve and protect others. Members may not use their powers to for personal gain over others or to enrich themselves at others expense.

Psychological Limitations:

15 Protective of Innocents (Common, Strong)
10 Will not use magic for personal gain (Uncommon, Strong)