Soleiri the “flame-touched”
Deity: Kaafi

Solari battling during the Host of Bhelair.

The solari(The Flamed Ones) were made by Kaafi during ancient times to help defeat the Host of Bhelair. Originally Evaanii, they were very large humanoids standing 7-12 feet tall with flaming hair and glowing eyes of red, yellow, orange, or blue.

Solari(“So-lar-ee”) were known as the greatest of warriors with the ability to harness the power of the sun into into powerful weapons. They were the vanguard on the assault of Bhelair’s forces. They were quick to anger, but equally quick to laugh as they were instilled with a deep reverence for life and a fierce desire to protect it. They tended to put their whole self into whatever task, project, or event they were focused on.

After Bhelair was cast out, the solari were left on Kale’urth with the task of protecting Kale’urth from the taint of Bhelair. Many of the dark and evil creations set upon the land were hunted and purged by the solari.

Soleiri Warrior
Soleiri warrior in Caludalis armor

As the ages past and their numbers slowly declined from lack of need, many of the solari took an interest in the other lesser races that were just beginning to evolve into civilizations, particularly early humans. They saw man’s potential for great deeds, both good and evil. In the hopes of tempering man with their own reverence of life and the light, they decided to settle down with a chosen few who showed the potential to excel and accept Kaafi’s gifts. Their progeny took the best traits of both races, calling themselves soleiri in honor of their ancestors. It is rumored that some pure solari remain today, but if they do, they are remote and have since retreated from civilization.

Physical Description: soleiri(“Sole-ear-ee”) are basically tall humans, usually around six feet tall. They tend towards bronzed skin and blond, red, or brown hair. Their hair is traditionally kept long past their shoulders and has a mind of its own, so frequently it is braided into elaborate patterns. To the untrained eye, the patterns are just a decorative display, but to other soleiri, it tells of the individual’s clan and accomplishments. Their eyes are often blue, but it’s not uncommon for them to be red, orange or yellow. Even in the darkest night, their eyes will reflect light as if cast from some inner fire. It is said that in the heat of battle their eyes will glow with their solari heritage.

Society: The soleiri are a nomadic race often keeping themselves to the deserts. They are broken into several clans who largely get along with each other. Disputes are rare, but do occur and will often lead into involving all members of the respective clans. The clans in a given region will meet twice a year for a meeting of the calinar, or clan leaders, to discuss news, trade, arrange marriages, and settle disputes. Disputes are often settled via sanctioned one on one combat. Death is uncommon, but not unheard of for the losing combatant. Typically the loser is cast out and the losing clan must pay a tribute to the winning clan and to the calinar for causing the dispute. Grudges are never kept once the dispute is settled.

A pair of kilij blades

Many soleiri are skilled craftsman in weapons. Their favored weapon is a long curved blade called a kilij. War hammers are also favored, but not as common.

Relations: Having an innate ability to survive in hot climates, they live mostly in the deserts of Kale’urth, but there are clans that exist in great plains areas as well as tropical forests. They spend their days hunting the caudalis beast that thrive in the deserts and other hot climates, using every part of the creature in their everyday life. They will trade with other races and enjoy their company, trading stories and songs as well as for the essentials of life. Their nomadic nature gives them a rustic appearance, but they are equally comfortable living in the trappings of “modern” society.

Adventurers: Before a young soleiri can be accepted back into his/her clan as an honored member, they must spend a minimum of 2 years, sent out into the world with a sacred task. They may return during the semi-annual clan meeting to see family and get supplies if their task is not hindered. The task is often assigned by the calinar, for the betterment of the clan: Get a rare supply, kill a hated enemy, gather a fabled story from a remote clan, find a wife/husband, etc. Every so often, though, the task comes from Kaafi himself and has a greater meaning and purpose. These soleiri are often given divine gifts in the form of spell-like abilities to help complete the task, but the task is much more difficult: Find a lost artifact, slay an epic creature, PC stuff. Preferred classes are warrior based with secondary classes in the divine (shaman/priest). Mage and rogue type classes are very rare.

Soleiri Racial Traits
Enhanced Strength: derived from their Evaanii heritage
Combat Training: As part of their heritage and culture all Soleiri have innate prowess in melee combat.
Weapon Familiarity: Soleiri are proficient with kilij(scimitars), warhammers, and spears.
Survivability: Innate skills and bonuses to travel/life in the desert(or other native climate type–restriction hot climate).
Touched by Kaafi: Access to innate magic-like skills to manipulate fire, resistance to fire(not create fire).
Hot Tempered: Quick to anger.
Pliophobia: Dislike of ships or traveling by ship over great seas/oceans.
Mortal Enemy: Culturally and innately(genetic) bound to protect life from the dark creations of Bhelair.
Eyes in the Dark: Penalty to sneaking/hiding in darkness (their eyes often are a giveaway and difficult to hide).




I think I may adapt this race for use as a player race in Pathfinder also.

–Andrew Christian