Goddess: Kale’ – “The Great Mother”

Reason for being: Created to be hunter/ gatherers. (slaves)

Regions found: Dense tropical and temperate forests.

The Kythauryn were created by the countless centuries ago. The Kythauryn have forgotten their true origins since the fall of the Kale’kin. Evidence can be found in ancient ruined libraries should any be found and properly translated.

The Kythauryn live high in the tops of the largest trees in the thickest of forest canopies. They were created from several feline species that were once in great numbers around the world. Their fur has been reduced to a velvet like quality that still displays markings of their feline heritage. The hands and feet of the Kythauryn have retractable claws that are used primarily for climbing. Some of the less honorable of the clans have learned to maim and kill with their claws. The Kahlrah martial art form that utilizes claw attacks has been banned throughout many of the Kythauryn clans and has driven the practitioners into secrecy. They look human except for their feline features. They have a puffy upper lip with a wide flat nose that resemble those of a cat. The canine teeth are slightly larger than a humans and are only noticeable when the Kythauryn have their mouths open. Their ears are higher on their heads with the familiar triangular feline shape. Their eyes are feline in nature and are great for seeing prey in the dark. All Kythauryn have tails.

The females are larger than the males in order the carry and birth their litters safely. Kythauryn have an average litter of 2 to 4 kales. (children) The rarest of births will have a litter of 5 or 6 kales. The females average height range is between 6 to 7 1/2 feet while the males are between 4 1/2 to 6 feet at the most. The Males are the warriors and the hunters, though some females will also choose this path. Many of the females tend to be the gatherers, the druids, and shaman. There is a rare occasion where a male druid or shaman can be found.

Due to their feline background, the Kythauryn have several heightened abilities. The first is their keen night vision. They can see easily twice the distance than a human in low light. They are affected the same as humans when it comes to total darkness. Second is their improved hearing. Their feline ears can move and adjust to the direction of sound like a normal cat and can interpret a wider range of frequencies than a human. Third is a sharper sense of smell that can detect fainter odors than the average human. Fourth are their tails. The tails help with their balance when in the trees and performing acrobatic feats. Last is a higher than average dexterity. Spending their lives living in the trees has honed their natural dexterity. The most dexterous have been known to consistently land on their feet from a fall. (must have Break fall skill)(I was thinking a +2 to +4 characteristic maxima.) A possible disadvantage, losing the tail gives a negative modifier to balance and acrobatic abilities.

The clans are ruled by a council of four. The council consists of the clans high druid, the Elder shaman, a Master warrior, and a Master ranger. It is not unheard of for any combination of the ruling council to be a mated pair.

The Kythauryn have the average life span as humans. The oldest might reach one hundred or even one hundred five years though this would be the extreme maximum. The general average is between 75 and 95 years.

** To Be Continued **


–Matthew Middleton