We will assume all normal plants exist in this world. Trees, grass, flowers, etc. This section is for unusual plants. Plants with special features or meaning. Plants that have medicinal properties or magical properties. Herbs, medicines derived from plants, and poisons can all be described here, too. I would say for now, lets just detail general affects and not tie them to one game system or another until we figure out what that will be.


Flower: Auralia

Used for medicinal purposes. This blue and red flower is very rare. It can only be found in well hidden groves. The Kith`Navari will not give up these flowers without a fight or some other compromise. The flowers are never given to those of evil natures.


Root: Rangoon Root (Derived from the Rangoon bush)

Used for various medicinal and alchemical purposes. The Rangoon is a small red leafed bush that thrives in the thickest of jungles. This bush produces pink berries that are poisonous until cooked or fermented. This bush has been known to be protected by the Druids of the Kith`Navari.  The largest clusters of this bush are found in secluded groves.

The bush itself can survive with the root being split in two as long as one half is replanted.

The berries are popular with thieves and assassins. The juices acquired from the berries can make some of the most deadly of poisons that fetches a premium on the black market. Rangoon berries are illegal in all major cities , most towns and villages. There is no known cure for Rangoon berry poisoning. The poison can be healed by magic over a period of time with several treatments.

When thoroughly cooked, the poison leeches out of the berries and evaporates. This leaves behind the flesh of the berries that is made into a dye used on some Kith`Navari ceremonial clothing.

Fermenting the berries produces a highly addictive wine.  Some Kith’Navari clans will use this as a way to subjugate weaker races. (Addiction rating: Major – 15 point or higher disadvantage due to the rare nature of the wine.)


Aurang Powder – Aurang Paste

The root of the Rangoon bush when ground into a powder with the dried leaves of the Auralia flower becomes a powerful healing agent. When consumed in water, this concoction cures most fevers and plagues. When applied as a paste, it will accelerate the healing of wounds. *(+4 to heal check and +2 HP gained each night used.) (Aurang powder or Aurang paste fetches a high price on any market for a 4 oz. vial.)

* I was not sure how to translate this from 3.5 D&D/Pathfinder rules to Hero system rules.


* This has been written up for me to use in my Pathfinder: King Maker Campaign.  Some of the entries have been edited for the Kale’urth concept.


** Sketches may be added later.  -Matt Middleton


The Sachbaum Tree:(Saepen, Traven, Varnah, and Rashnae )


The Sachbaum Tree is one of the world’s largest known trees. Two of the four varieties of the Sachbaum tree still thrive in the dense tropical and temperate forests. The Sachbaum-Saepen is found in the hottest of tropical forest regions near the equator while the Sachbaum-Traven is found throughout the temperate regions north and south of the equator. The Sachbaum-Varnah is very rare. The wood from this tree is said to channel magic easier than other types of wood. The most powerful staves in myth and legend are said to be carved from the wood of the of the Sachbaum-Varnah. The last of the breed is thought to be extinct. The Sachbaum-Rashnae has fallen into legend called “the Golden Giant”. The golden color of the leaves were said to hold a faint glow of magic throughout the night. The truth of the Sachbaum-Rashnae is that the leaves would absorb the sunlight during the day only to slowly release it into the night after the sun went down. The Kalekin learned that items carved from the wood of this tree would also absorb and dissipate sunlight though not as strong as a living tree. Folk lore says that the last handful of Rashnae seeds were magically hidden away and protected by the gods from the races of Kale’urth. (The seeds are most likely magically sealed away in a lost nature temple or in a forgotten druidic cove.)

** physical characteristics and possible sketches are forthcoming**  -Matt Middleton