About the Project

The Kale’urth(“Cal-lay-urth”) Project is the idea to share the creation process for a new fantasy world. The goal is to see what we can come up with. It might be a good place to role-play in as well. I hope that, together, we can create something vibrant, new and, let’s face it, cool.

Ground Rules

We have to have ground rules to make any venture work. The simplest one is that I will welcome any ideas, and we will discuss them, however we need one final arbiter and that will be me(Bryan). Based on my research into this sort of project, it helps to have that sort of editor clearinghouse.

I have already created what I think is a good background to build upon, that should help explain fantasy elements. I am open to tweaks or suggestions about it. One thing I would like to avoid is immortal or long lived races that have large human-like civilizations. I would also like to try to steer clear of Tolkien Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Orcs. I know they are staple tropes, but I think we can be more interesting than that. We might also put the 4 Greek Elements to rest.