The house is three stories tall, with a basement and has 42 rooms. It sits back 100 feet from the road and is surrounded by a white picket fence. It has a large lawn around it, and five very large and amazing healthly, oak trees in the yard, one with an old swing. The house has a front and back porch. Attached to the house by a covered walk is a large, 5 car garage which includes a car lift and has car repair tools. Inside the house, there are 12 Bedrooms and 6 Full and 2 Half baths. The home was modernized at the turn on the century.

The House is haunted by two ghosts, the Vogel brother and sister who were murdered (see History)


There is a secret passage in the basement. The hallway to the elevator has a knife switch to transmit power to both lights and the elevator, which looks to be 1920’s build with some additions from the 50s. The power lines are all heavy, far more than needed. The elevator has it owns lights and descends down 100 feet into what looks like a tapped out coal mine, maybe on a very small deposit at one point. At the bottom, there are rails leading down a hallway. On the right is a sealed door made of steel, clearly meant to keep out water, all from a 1950’s design.

The one mine passage ends in a 20’ tall, 50’ wide domed chamber. At the center of the chamber is a 10’ diameter pool of water, 66’deep. The ceiling has several large vines with large flowers that emit bright lights (and used to power cords and electrical lights before the node). The light is effectively sunlight 12 hours during the day and moonlight 12 hours at night, as if at the equator. The moonlight effect does follow the current phase of the moon. This sunlight does effect Kindred. The vines run into the top of the chamber and reach up to the yard above, touching the roots of the great oaks.

The water in the pool is fed by a spring. It is pure and cool. The pool has five lines of overflow to the walls which fills an outside circle and feed the vines

The node produces Tass in three ways. All will work, but the total tass produced does not change.

  1. Flowers that bloom under the moonlight
  2. Water drawn from the pool with the right ritual
  3. Light collected from the vines


The Realm is a large, city sized, area, much like the area must have once looked, with natural forest against a large lake. The Realm is bounded by a sphere of diffuse light. It experinces lighting and seasons based on the outside world, and is otherwise fairly mundane. However, even new, there are signs the Realm is not finsihed developing and may be open to being molded over time.

History of the House

Built for the Goodman family in 1861 by an abolitionist Georgian merchant fleeing the crisis of the Civil war, it continued as a family home until it was sold during the Great Depression in 1932 to the Tillman family. The house was sold in 1959 after Henry Tillman, the rather odd owner, was placed in a mental hospital where he stayed the rest of his days. The home changed hands without anyone living in it until 1965 when it was bought and lived in by a rich widow, Bethany Christian. Ms. Christian rented rooms to various characters over the years, much as a sanctuary for troubled souls. It is here it took on its religious name. Over the span of over 30 years, the neighborhood was enriched through the works of residents.

Ms. Christian died in 1999, at age 90, and the home was sold off to be fully refurbished. In 2002 a young couple bought it, with him being a financial wizard in Commodities. This was the Vogel family.

In 2009, the family was murdered by their eldest son, Samuel. Nora, 10 and her younger brother Justin 8. Samuel was committed to a criminal asylum. The home was then purchased by art and artifact collector Vincent Derbyshire, who briefly lived in the home, but who’s travels kept him abroad. Derbyshire died abroad, leaving a sizeable estate to the Derbyshire Foundation. The Foundation sold the home to J.R. who was backed by the Order of Hermes. The home is now on a historical preservation list.

The Sepulcher