Tracking Andre Simon and Alvin Lloyd to Merryweather HQ, Roy led Karusa and Rintell on the attack. The three crept in, taking out guards as they went. However, they were spotted on the way in. Roy quickly moved upstairs. While he moved up, Karusa and Rintell kept the forces busy. Roy expected to find both men, but only Simon was there. Roy dispatched his target and wasted time searching for clues as to Lloyd’s whereabouts. LSIA. Lloyd was getting ready to leave the country.

Now closed off from escape into the warehouse, Roy climbed up to the for the roof through a skylight, to avoid the men closing on him. He radioed Karusa and Rintell to retreat. They raced outside and stole a Jeep, racing out of the compound drawing fire. Roy dropped from the roof and ran into the shipyard to get clear.

The final target was already at the airport. The group raced from the pier to Roy’s Akula parked near the airport. Flying low and stealthed, Roy landed near the Merryweather hanger for the team to sneak up. Seeing lots of targets, Roy and Karusa started sniping. All hell broke loose. A private jet blasted our of the hanger taking directly off. Karusa and Rintell closed on the hanger, taking out guards, but now the LSIA security was rolling up. Seeing his target run, Roy dropped his sniper rifle and un-slung his SAM. He would get one shot. Taking aim, he heard the lock on tone and fired moments before taking a round in his side armor. As he ducked, Roy could see and hear the plane crash into the inlet.

Seeing he was along except for a circle of security, Roy dashed back to his Akula, dodging fire alone the way, and taking out three guards as well. Bullets rained against the body of his aircraft as Roy powered up and fly into the air. Meanwhile, Karusa and Rintell had stolen a Merryweather Pyro, and they were flying into the sky in search of the target. A brief radio conversation later, and both aircraft were flying away from the city to avoid the security and police. Elite Options had done it, and Roy and Lisa could relax and feel safe. Well, as safe as anyone can feel as part of the underworld of Los Santos.

Roy Finn: The Final Act