Episode 3:  The Dark Blade

July 14th, 2013

  • Max and Gothion are debriefing their churches about the demon.
  • Kylie is investigating the city crime scene and tracking down someone in the underworld for Mr. Orrin.
  • Becca, Verdantiel and Kaneth are “back at base” so to speak, working with Orrin to dump the loot and see about rewards.
  • After that is done, Orrin asked the three of them to escort around a visitor.

M. Bruce Darby, was a refugee from Galt. Presented as a merchant and art dealer, he needed protection for the week. It turned out he was also a writer and his writings have been deemed “subversive” and he fled Galt before they killed him.

The group needed to guard him while he is in Almas for the week, until he left on one of Orrin’s ships for Absolam. Orrin is doing him a favor with the protection and is not getting paid.

Unknown to Orrin, or to anyone in Almas, Darby was scared because he had a stolen final blade in his care. His whole reason to go to Absolam is to talk to the wise on a way to destroy it, and release the trapped souls within.

[The blade was hidden in a painting, which has a concealed magical pocket, much like a portable hole. With the right command word (hidden in the text of the painting) you can literally reach into the painting and pull it out. The Blade is seen in the painting, hidden behind a box but peeking out (nothing can be put in the painting and totally obscured)]

Paintings were:

  • Young Girl Reading (magical painting)
  • Women at a Pardon
  • Taldor Army crossing the Mountains
  • Defeat of a Devil by a young Hero
  • Sunrise across the mountains with Avoral

The group guarded Darby as he went to market, and set up watch where he was staying in Mr. Orrin’s home. One night, local thugs attempted to climb into the building after setting a fire in the kitchen. The team easily drove them off. At this point, Verdantiel scanned the paintings for magic, and discovered the one was magical. The group confronted Darby, and the whole story came out.

Orrin decided to have Darby teleported to Absolom, and worked with the Eagle Knights to lay a trap. The party guarded a carriage with an Eagle Knight and when the attack came, they were easily captured. They were all local thugs hired by Galt.



Episode 3: The Dark Blade

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  • August 25, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Kaneth grins, “Well, I for one, am very glad our little ‘trap’ worked out so well. It’s not often you can round up so many of a city’s under-bellied vermin at one time. Perhaps we may even notice a brief period of reduced crime! Certainly Galt will think twice about interfering with other nations.” He shrugs and returns to polishing his armor, spending an inordinate amount of time on his new (old) shield.

  • August 25, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Verdantiel crooks an eyebrow as Kaneth’s remarks, “True, Galt may think twice about dealing with other nations, however, we do not represent the whole nation. They will know soon enough that we have disrupted their goal of recovering that foul blade. I doubt we have heard the last of Galt and they will surely be better prepared the next time.” She turns to leave the room, releasing a pale blue ribbon that held her hair back from her face. Her hair cascading down across her shoulders with tendrils of her bangs draping across her face covering her left eye,” Now that this day is drawing to a close, I will retire myself to a nice soothing bath. Please send word when dinner is ready.”

  • September 8, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Party bank 4710g

    Each party member has 9,000g minus any personal expenses thus far.

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