March Upcountry: Spaceship in the Dark Part IV

Closing on their final objective, the party swiftly dispatched the security robots in the Port Rotation and moved through the quarters inside. In the Captain’s quarters, they found another data pad, and the full story of the Belan.

  • The Belan was setting up a He3 Station at the next Gas Giant when the plague erupted. It had already been out of physical contact for 10 months.
  • Plague appeared all over civilization, and appeared to have been dormant for some time, transmission might have been going on for over a year
  • Infected people could get symptoms at any time
    • Symptoms were increased aggression and violence (28 days sort of thing)
    • Exposure to others in active stage made activation more likely
    • Working on a cure seems to accelerate things very much as well
  • Belan came back to take on samples and infected individuals and work on a cure
    • Plague was created to adapt to beings with nervous systems
    • Magical component
    • High degree of biological tech, more advanced than what players have seen
  • Could not transmit Cure because somethings on the station took off their human body suits and shut down the portal and attacked the station
  • Activated computer virus which they had already transmitted, effectively killing the Belan and erasing its records
    • Doctors had backups which could be recovered in med labs
    • Samples and bodies in med labs
  • Captain seeing his race’s last hope stolen by alien monsters lost it, and swore an oath to avenge his race, even in death. He committed a ritual suicide with the help of the ship’s priest, turning to their darker gods.
    • Not known what, if any gods responded
    • However, as crew died, they turned into undead, mostly skeletons, the Captain is a Lich, his priest a Ghost sealed in a room with holy symbols by crew who sacrificed themselves.

Moving on from there, they overwhelmed more technozombies in the dining hall, and moved aft to the Priest’s quarters and found the seal needed to unlock the pathway to Engineering. Spending a day to recover, the party learned that the object headed towards Hexama was both guided and escorted.

Moving into Engineering, the party encountered the Captain and told him his race was not dead, but under threat. The Captain bid them depart and sent fuel to them telekinetically. As they fueled the Tug, the Belan moved away under arcane power tied to the negative plane. The group returned to Hexama.

On the way, Zurbaz and Vashur prepped the supplies for install on the Dawn Chaser. They had the whole party practice installations. On arrival, slowed by the ring, they immediately completed the ship and launched to take on the intruders.

Level 5

The Final Battle

Racing across the system, the Dawn Chaser was faster than anything flown in the system before. Scanning the threat, Harmony was able to commune and divine they were MI-Go. The great KEW was powered by attached thrusters. It was escorted by four organic fighters and a ship similar in size to the Dawn Chaser. In a blazing fight, with many near misses, the party was able to blow the Mi-Go ship apart, cutting it in two with its Coil Gun. The remaining fighters were easy to dispatch. While the Dawn Chaser was hurt, no critical systems were damaged. As it retreated from the KEW, the Belan came onto the scanners and streaked towards the KEW. It collided and created a mighty implosion, ripping space and time, and utterly destroying the Mi-Go weapon.

The group returned to Hexama to a hero’s welcome. They spent three more weeks repairing their ship and helping to establish the He3 factory. The Hexamen asked that the party not tell the Pact Worlds their location, lest they be overwhelmed before they were ready. Bidding a fond farewell, they left the system, and half a day later, appeared outside Absalom Station.

March Upcountry: Spaceship in the Dark Part IV