March Upcountry: Spaceship in the Dark Part III

Data Pad Contents: The datapad is the personal log of the First Officer for his last entry. It shows him making his last recording.

I cannot believe it has come to this. To find the cure and then to watch it all fall apart. I watched as that thing erupted form Dr. Urial on the screen. It killed the whole room and shut down the portal! Even if we can get the ship’s computers back in operation after the virus attack, we cannot save anyone. I can only hope they find a cure back on Vigal (their homeworld).

Captain Zialkan has gone mad. He and Chaplin Giatar are planning a horrible ritual. Enough of the crew of following him I cannot stop them. I have blocked of the Command Center and Bridge, but will it keep us safe? Is this the end of us all?

Having regrouped and refreshed, party chose to go in to the Starboard rotational section. They found it was under Gravity and while the spin was disturbing and some of them got nauseated they could adjust.

The group, Explored the Sick Bay where they found three Corpses in isolation wards, all plague victims. A shadow of one of them was trapped in the ward, and they a released and dissipated. it They looted medical supplies I moved on to the labs. Here they found a data pad that recorded there was a cure, and that it was growing in berries in the garden. Hoping it was still there, the group hurried through the rest of the labs.

They headed into the Garden, following the path. Ad they moved past the fountain they were beset by tendril shaped water elementals that nearly killed Vashur in an attack. They fought back, and managed to kill all but one of the five water Elementals, with the last fleeing downstream.

They retreated out of the garden to recover.

Advancing again, a black corpse fiend surprised them. Immediately they begin firing, but it let out fire from its eyes and randomly teleported several of the party members and leaving only Harmony and Zurbaz untouched. Shellen only when a short distance away, however and was fast back in the fight. Rin was teleported back out of the Hydroponics Garden entirely. Danora and Vashur into the forest and Kento landed on the path within sight of what they were looking for but were now trees not bushes.

Vashur vaulted out of the river avoiding the water Elemental and charged back down the path towards the Crypt scenes. Kento ran all the way back to engage the Crypt fiend across the path. Danora was beset a giant Birds defending their nest. Rin re-entered the garden and helped get Danora away from the birds while the other is dealt with the Crypt fiend. while they seemed on the verge of victory, the crypt fiend disappeared, teleporting away. The party delt with the remaining water Elemental on the way out and went to explore the cargo tube for the starboard section.

March Upcountry: Spaceship in the Dark Part III