March Upcountry: Spaceship in the Dark Part II

Zurbaz floated into the room to the ceiling taking a position to fire the advancing skeletons. Harmony things are balls being thrown in sure up into the tunnel the two of them were then in the room. This began grenades featuring Successful by Vashur in the beginning shooting Zurbaz passageway being blocked it was difficult for anyone to get into the room seed of acrobatics Kento was able to get in and begin fighting. Rest of the team except for Danora into the room. During the fight, there are several uses of grenades most of which resulted in grenades bouncing around the room and exploding doing damage not just in the skeletons but to members of the party. After Vashur took several bad hits from concentrated fire, Harmony healed him and was shot at by every skeleton except the one engaged in hand-to-hand with Kento. Nearly dead, Harmony retreated below followed by the rest of the team who managed to take out two more skeletons on the way. Shellen shut the door as Vashur ran his bone mantis sword in the door-wheel into place.

Taking a few minutes, the team worked to recover, and the banging at the door above ceased after 5 minutes. Zurbaz use the acceleration couches to create a barricade. Vashur set up every frag grenade he had so that when the door would be open the grenade should be tossed to the top of the door. He ripped free the sword and the remaining skeletons caught in the blast of the frag grenades slaying all but 4. Those 4 came into the room. Already damaged from the previous fighting, Danora nearly killed them with Cone of Fire. The team easily dealt with the remaining and retreated to the tug to rest and recuperate.

They found the docking clamps were mangled and the tug would not take off. While the team recuperated for two days with Harmony recovering spells and healing, Zurbaz assembled 2 drones out of leftover drone material to explore.

Ready to move forward after recovering the next room, the Command Deck and found nothing and moved into it moving the Drone into the lower bridge, which housed another corpse. It did not respond to the presence of the drone at all. It did respond when Kento have went into the room, and it begin attacking. Simultaneously auto defense cannons begin firing in both rooms. Danora fled to the Command Deck. Vashur worked on the laser cannons on the lower floor, while Zurbaz took out the two laser cannons for the floor with the corpse. Kento fought defensivly against the corpse, which oddly, which fought poorly. With Kento on the verge of defeat, the Corpse switched targets to attack Vashur and was defeated. As it died it said, “At last”, to which the group felt it must have been fighting under compulsion.

The team determined that this was the undead body of the ship’s first officer. In addition to the weapons they had looted from these levels perhaps the greatest find was an intact datapad on the body of the first officer.

On the bridge or two people hands clasped wrapped around their arms regular Corpses lot Undead.

The party again retreated to the tug to rest and recuperate. Zurbaz confirmed that not only were the docking clamps damaged he directed to the engines getting sucked away. In order to leave group will have to unlock the secret of the Spaceship in the Dark.

Adventure Loot
Laser Rifles (1d8 Burn on Crit)7
Survival Knifes8
Clear Weave Armor I8
Dual Acid Dart Rifle (8 shots) (1d6 acid on crit)1
LFO Power Gauntlet (2d6)1
Handcoil Expolrer Pistol6
Data Pad (to be cracked)1

Level 4!

March Upcountry: Spaceship in the Dark Part II