March Upcountry 6: Spaceship in the Dark Part I

In Game Time: 179 Pact Days since Depature
Game Day: 12/9/18

The team’s detection of a Derelict craft excites them. However, is in an orbit three weeks away. The ship is the Belan, a Frontier Class ship, designed to be both built on site with constructed materials and items from home (all 10’ diameter or less).

Why go?

  • Ship taken apart, would have more than enough salvage to complete their ship and leave the system
  • Mystery of what happened
  • Tug has booster and long-range living pod that attach in the cargo section and big engine
  • Attachable inflated fuel tanks
  • Outer ring of station has rail launch system to spin up to speed and get slung off at high velocity. Will take 10 hours at 1 G (maximum it will run)
  • Has enough fuel to complete trip and come back, but no more.

The team used the booster pod and flew out to intercept the ship. As they drew closer the team noticed upon approach it’s not heat emanating from the fusion reactors, yet the ship still seemed to have power. In certain areas, it was hot, in others cold. A mystic energy seemed to be emanating from the ship.

The cargo bay doors were open, and in the area for the ship’s tug was clear, allowing them to land and dock within the ship. Harmony made a very hard Landing but seemed to avoid damage. Moving to the cargo hold, the team noticed most of the internal drone base was empty and what was left with in pieces due to long term radiation exposure. They made their way to the repair Bay where they were attacked by the same security bots as on the station.

The robots able to use their magical Darkness to confuse the group but they were able to defeat them too much trouble parts and repair Bay versus efficient complete the electronics of their spaceship and time to restore them into their spaceship under the tug.

Moving into the central connecting area, they countered several techno-zombies. They fought, with some damage before being able to overwhelm them. The team noted the ship was powered and had life support in that section, though no one dared remove his helmet.

Moving towards the Command Deck they passed through the room of empty acceleration couches. Above that does the main Command Deck. Zurbaz went first followed by Vashur. As he poked his head and, Zurbaz saw that all 11 stations had skeletons. They took notice of him and started out from their stations. Zurbaz started to talk about it, but Vashur was impatient and pushed him through into the room as the undead arose. . .

March Upcountry 6: Spaceship in the Dark Part I