March Upcountry 4: Security in the Stars

The team has been working on getting the station operational. Vash’uur is riding down the new elevator to the bottom, while Danora and Zurbaz work in the control room. Having nothing else to do, Harmony and Sheleen break off into a team, as do the two operatives, to investigate the living quarters on the station. This is one of the few areas with life support. All over the station, it is clear either in madness or suicide, the hull was breached.

When the elevator locked in at the bottom, the lights turned red, and the control room was locked out. All doors that still operated were flung open. Alarms blaring, 10 security bots dropped from the ceiling in three groups (4, 3 and 3). Moving towards the team, there was a shoot-out. Danora and Sheleen took the brunt of the damage, with the operatives dealing out most of the damage. Things look bleak in the control room, until Zurbaz expertly shot through the control systems for the final bot attack them there. Even before all the bots were destroyed, Zurbaz and Danora ripped apart the consoles to regain control. After an hour, they had full control, and poor Vash’uur could get out of the elevator.

Over the next several days, the group worked hard to get the station stabilized. Sheleen went down to talk to the Hexamen and was met by priests in plague garb. The locals were surprisingly open to the news the plague was over. The leaders were clear that their ancestors wanted a simple way of life and pointed out that was what kept them alive. However, they acknowledged there were younger Hexamen, and people from different city-states who might be interested in reclaiming the technology of their ancestors. This started them finding and identifying Hexamen interested in learning new ways. Sheleen also secured access to water from the world, that the space station, using its tap on Rhodal’s electromagnetic field, could crack into fuel for the Tug.

In the following 13 weeks, Zurbaz, Vash’uur and Danora taught the Hexamen as they fixed the space station. Danora and Harmony brought the medical bays back online for emergencies, and had the materials needed to make sure they had all the supplements needed. The now fueled tug could survey Hexama, and, just, bring up the crashed ship. While flying, the team was able to rescue 1st Officer Drakmar Givvens, who was trapped in his pod. He was paralyzed on the flight down, and had been using his magic to stay alive, while being helped by friendly aliens. There is not much the team can do for him, and shortly after return, he slipped into a coma. He is stable with daily healing from Harmony but will need a modern sickbay to recover. They also found the damaged pod of Jumpy, but it looked as if the barbarians had killed him.

Now the party is working to finished stabilizing the space station, get the Hexamen trained enough to operate it, and use what the have to build a way home.

March Upcountry 4: Security in the Stars