Leo Event: It’s a Trap!

It’s a Trap!

For three months, things have been quite in the city. Fox, Sicarious and The Sleuth are hearing rumors something big is going on. While both Mason and Shear Noise are busy out of the city on moon missions and singing tours, the rest do some research.

Mason returned to the HQ with a Chinese communications sat in hand, to show it has been spying on him. Fox brought him the news of a base being built outside the city. All the local construction material was being used up for it. It appeared to be what is left of “Dr. Demento’s” crew. It was also clear that several people were being followed and the group was being monitored.

The Hermes took off south, and once away from the city, Shear Noise masked it visually and with sound. Iron Eagle took his stealth suit to explore the building area. After sneaking around and consulting with the team, he suggested the Sleuth stop a van. It was apparent the operators mind had been manipulated.

The Team Trojan-horsed the van, and Iron Eagle blasted open the elevator shaft. He and Steel remained above to wipe out all the turbine exhaust pipes. Iron Eagle made sure to be jamming all radio, now he was in his normal suit.

Downstairs, there were several suits and thugs moving to attack the team. Fox voiced concern about the room they were in. Below the room were more mind controlled workers. After a brief fight, it was clear that something was up. Steel was able to easily see the whole roof would slam down. Fringe ported into the room with the innocents and using up all his energy, teleported them all the surface.

Meanwhile, Mason fought with the transmission to set off the explosives. He tracked the receivers and put them out of commission. That taken care of, and the team cleaning up downstairs, he called for his Atlas armor and took off to space to get the transmitting satellite.

The trap was avoided and the group knew the crime would start again!

Leo Event: It’s a Trap!