The flight into Los Santos gave Roy Finn some time to think. A lifetime of struggle to make it within the system lay in ruins behind him. Before him was going to be a new life working outside the corrupt system that had destroyed the life he sought to build. Roy was done playing by their rules, and now was going to make his own.

Roy was born to a poor family in Minnesota, who did not have much means. He managed to excel at school, and land scholarships, graduating in the top of his class from ULSA. From there he landed a great job in Silicon Valley. Despite the challenges arrayed against him, Roy was on his way.
It was while working on securing files he discovered his downfall. Merryweather was apparently stealing customer data. Roy reported this breach, and instead of a reward, he was told to ignore it, and was promptly reassigned. Roy was no fool, and it was clear his days at the company were limited. Acting that night, Roy used his personal contacts to gain physical access to company servers and plant relays.

Sure enough, within days, Sean, the blond-haired person from sales, was making #MeToo accusations against Roy. He was fired that same day, with “proof” provided by none other than Merryweather “investigators”. Roy was without a job, and his paid for condo.

Roy had been ready, and his former employer would find tens of million dollars missing, bounced around the world. Roy made sure his family back home was secure, including hired guns to protect them. Roy himself was making for Los Santos, home of Maze Bank, where his personal funds were hidden. Roy’s plan was simple: Open a Security Company, Future Forward, and use it to launder money. It already had several high end overseas clients, all secret, all fictitious, thanks to his international dark web contacts.

Roy knew when he landed, he would be meeting a local contact, who was a small part of the underworld. Not so big as to attract attention. Frankly, he sounded full of himself, but Roy could play the game. Best to say as little as possible until he got the lay of the land. Until he could close the deal for this Maze Bank office, and find a place to crash, the Opium Nights Hotel would be home.

Roy Finn: Opening