After getting Lisa safe, Roy linked up with Karusa to investigate the attack. Karusa suggested he contact Madrazo to start the search. Madrazo was more than willing to help, provided the two helped him. It seemed a drug ring was shipping some important cargo via two dingys to a ship at sea. Roy and Karusa could hit their docks, maybe find some information needed, and bring the boats back. The too reluctantly agreed.

The hit went south from the beginning, with no stealth at all. The two blasted their way into the facility and made it to the files but were swarmed as they left. Kaursa took a hit, mid chest in his body armor and was knocked into the harbor. Roy managed to make it to one boat and to the rendezvous. However, to get the files analyzed, the deal was both boats. Using his cargo bob, Roy slipped back and took the gang by surprise, lifting the boat away from them.

Based on the files, it was clear the person they needed to talk too was the local leader of the gang. Thanks to the information, Madrazo was able to leak his location to the FIB, and the two hit the farm the FIB was holding “El Stupido” for transport. As they took him to Grapeseed for his escape, he was able to pass to them vital information about what happened. The gang was used as a pass through, with a woman at Pegasus Concierge who was also a user of their Cocaine. She had done work for them before. This was a paid contract. The lead led to a local business, one that was obviously a front. Roy and Karusa wondered is any high-end businesses in Los Santos were legit.

Roy contacted Lester, who gave them the scoop on the business. The two choose a stealth approach and took Roy’s Akula to the site. Roy climbed to snip from a roof, while Karusa came up to confront the group. After a fire fight, Karusa took the helo on the roof to escape, while Roy, returning to his Akula, followed, shooting the pursing helos from the sky.

The information from this led to who the clear backer was: Merryweather. Lester worked with contacts to find out the who. In the meantime, he asked the two to recover two SUVs controlled by Merryweather used in a recent mission. This was his payment for his help. Lester was able to name the individual who ordered the hit, Alvin Lloyd, local VP of operations for Merryweather. It was also clear Andre Simone acted as his number two. Now it was time for Roy to clean up.

First was the Pegasus Concierge worker, Marsha Crow, who placed the bomb. Finding her was easy and dealing with her on the road was Roy’s next step. Using Madrazo to find her, Roy was easily able to track her down on the road and deal with her permanently.


Roy Finn: On the Trail