Rin finally wakes up enough to move and the team explains to him what happened, since last he knew, he was going to sleep in his bunk. The group shuts down the still, and begins the March to the Buggies, which are closest. As they marched, they choose to name the gas giant Rhodal and the moon they were on Hexama Along the way, they are attached by a pack of flying creatures they had seen earlier. Danora names them “Bone Mantis”. After a brutal attack, the party drove them away, and harvested their bodies for food, claws and their mafig stingers. The team spent 10 hours camped to recover from the fight before moving on.

The team was able to get to the buggies and ATV without further incident. They brought the ATV back to the Still and topped off all the vehicles. They began the trip, headed towards the equator diagonally. At this point, nearly 7 days have passed, and the sun was setting. The team stopped as it reached the edge of the forest on the equator before heading west. They can only move at half speed in the dark, and have noted the large herbivores, they called Elifinos, were burying themselves into the ground. They also noted the jet powered flying creatures, they called Skorka did not seem to be settling down for the long night.

March Upcountry: March to Roll