March Upcountry 3: Bridge to the Stars

The first night at the forest edge, the team was inundated Moon Midges eaten by echolocating Sixbats. These threatened to block up the filters on the still and the ATV. Danora worked with Zurbaz to create an ultrasonic field that repulsed the bugs.

Approaching the coast, they found a large river flowing into the sea. The team headed north to find a mile-long ford. Kento, covered by Vash’uur, explored the Ford. Kento was able to chart a pathway through the Ford, avoiding a Near-Croc. Waiting to recover and rest, Vash’urr and Kento hunted Mole-pigs. Harmony fished, and there we plenty of food to add to their low stocks. The next day, Driving, across the river ford, a buggy got stuck, but was freed by the other buggy. All made it safely across and the group moved across the mid-point, to the side facing the gas giant.

As the re-entered planes, the team encountered a hunting party of on natives. The party were riding near horses they called Slapes, and Elifinos. Their leader was Baron Cornok. The alien riders were clearly not related to life on this world as they were bipeds. The group called them Hexamen.

Sheelen and Danora went to talk to the party and ended up trading Bone Mantis blades and stingers for passage. They passed through barbarian territory, and one the second day, left a tribute pile to divert them. Finally, they arrived as the mountains surrounding a large area, along which the space bridge was attached. They went from the city state guarding this pass to the quasi-religious state at the base of the mountain.

They went to the top of the mountain and managed to get into the facility. Zurbaz went in down a rope, from the hole for the elevator car. He was able to gain entrance to the base and with Danroa’s help to translate, get the cars started again, and open the doors to the outside. The whole team was able to go up to the space station, though the elevator car no longer had atmospheric integrity.

There the group found the portal and the original ship which brought it here at sub light speeds. The whole station appears to have been assembled of units sent through the portal and put together on this side. There is one operating tug left, which could pull up any of the vehicles let on the moon once refueled. Several parts of the station do not have life support, and the whole entity is over 700 years old, with its automatic maintenance slowly failing. It will take weeks to restore.

March Upcountry 3: Bridge to the Stars