The group is preparing to leave Wu Xing. Edgar’s mentor responds to the report of stopping the evil mages in person. He reports that in fact, the Barabii was thought killed and the information on the group has sparked a bigger hunt and they are on the run. A lot of their sleeper arrangements are undone. Mentor notes the technocracy has been tipped off as well.

In reward, the mentor has offered to help track and pin down the node. His study shows that a large house near a good stopping spot. The house is on 225 Greenwood St, Evanston, IL 60201.

Vaughn and Joy spend a wild evening at the Succubus Club. Vaughn will see some Vampiric activity at the club going on with patrons. Leaving the club, they run into a man fleeing a vampire. Thomas Duncan (TBD to his friends) bleeding from his neck, having made his willpower roll to avoid the embrace. He was followed by a young looking woman, very attractive, who is a Kindred. She attempted to use Dominate to command they give them man back to them, which Vaughn easily deflected.

Calling for help, J.R. and Megan race to the scene and pile the protesting TBD into the car to take him to the clinic to heal him. They know he is not a sleeper, but dance around the truth until he is leaving, and Ed crosses the street to find them. Ed and J.R. end up taking TBD to breakfast and talk about him and his Hollow One’s friends.

TBA is the newest member of Lilith’s Kids. He was at the club to watch Lou’s band playing. J.R. and Ed convinced TBA that his whole Cable is in danger now for Vampires, and invite the team to move to Wu Xing, or at least check it out.

The Children of Lilith:

  • Mary Lou “Bitch Queen” Vannoy
  • Alvin Locke
  • Herman “Munster” Fleming
  • Christine “Hutch” Hutchenson
  • Thomas “TBD” Bradley Duncan

Meanwhile in the Law Firm of Arthur, McKay, Pendleton, LLP:

Checking on the address, Adriene goes to the mechanical typewriter only room at her firm and finds out the information on the home. There she finds secret files on Pendergrass Consulting and a move by their CFO to secretly purchase the home.

The team brainstorms what to do, spending time with Sekhemkhet at a long dinner. He suggested Imhotep might be able to help, but it would cost in big favors. Eventually, they determine that Pendergrass is in fact a front for the Technocracy NWO and this CFO must know she is trying to secure a node for herself. (Tom Servo points out the design for the house the CFO wants to build is clearly built to tap a node). The team decides to stop the node and make it look like is dissipated.

Ed mapped out a place near the sewer lines. J.R. built a drilling rig to go down. Vaughn used mental effects to make them all look like they belonged. Adriene fashioned an entropic machine that used a yellow light to slow the passage of entropy. Once the node was caught in amber light, Megan hummed along with the machine and used her control of primal forces to temporarily dissipate the node.

The plan worked, and the CFO abandoned the project. Ed’s mentor, after admiring the stopped node, noted that once the machine holding it was destroyed, it would snap to where it should have been, and should be spectacular. He destroyed the machine remotely and minor tremors were felt as far south as Chicago.

The Cabal prepared to move into its new home, as Lilith’s Kids moved in. The House is haunted, but even worse, Ed and Vaughn are both sure there is the presence of a Bane. The decide to use Wu Xing’s resources to better understand spirits.


  • 2 base
  • Vaughn, +1 for understanding Technocrat connection early
Paths in Darkness: 07 And I would have gotten away with it too . . .