From the MacTek Website

MacTek is a privately held, 21st Century Company through and through. It employees brilliant staff in a network distributed across America. Fabrication of devices happens mostly in micro factories using the latest in 3D printing, bringing products to consumers with as short a delay as possible. All works use a MacTek encoder, with a key unique to them, coding onto a ring worn by the user. Without the ring, and without both biometric and password data, the encoder will not work. MacTek has some of the highest security for its IP in the world. Its headquarters is in Campaign City solely on the fact that is where the MacArthurs lived (like Bentonville, AK for Walmart).

MacTek is the world leader in smart devices. Its intelligent processors power things as diverse as cell phones to soda machines to satellites. The cell phones and computers are particularly controversial, because high level encryption is part of the embedded operating systems. Every MacTek processor allows for personal encryption based on that unit’s unique key. This was not revealed until there were already three quarters of a billion phones running MacTek. Oppressive nations, like China, are unhappy, but have been unable to squelch the freedom of communications. The US government has also expressed its concerns, but has stopped short of hauling MacTek into court.

Mason has also been a champion of crypto-currencies, and has deployed technology to help support things such as bitcoin and other international stores of value by making devices to easily move and store said currencies. This has again put him crossways with several world governments.

The MacTek headquarters is not large, but does take up the top floors of the Nova Tower (a mixed use building). Mason and his wife live in a penthouse apartment, as does Sal in his own.

CEO: Sal MacArthur

CFO: Penny MacArthur

VP of Research and Development: Elias Wolf