Kaneth Stearan

Family resides in Oregent. Family has small standing within the Lumber Consortium. tld ip Father is a just administrator within the group, overseeing land/permit compliance.  His father is aware of corruption within the organization, but unable to act without hard proof and keeps quiet out of fear for his family and friends, who would all suffer if he comes forward.

Kaneth began his training with the Master of Arms within the Society, then serving in the military for several tours, fighting slavers and pirates.  He served with distinction, earning several merits for saving fellow soldiers and citizens. After military service, he became a sword for hire, often taking tasks by the local leadership to protect trade routes or to ferret out evil denizens near cities and towns. He has a positive reputation with the locals as being a fair and honest mercenary. He has, as of late, been singled out as an excellent personal guard for well-to-do members of society due to his selfless nature and ability to keep his clients safe.

Kaneth Stearan


Kaneth Stearan
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