Despite Grunduar’s protests, our use of the kobolds in the silver mine to help defeat the mites worked out well. Tarcil and Miki are pretty sure we can turn the Kobalds to follow Erastil. As we move towards consolidation of this area, they could be useful mining for us. Maybe this can be the start of something wonderful. Kobalds are annoying but have a hard lot in life. Maybe for once, something better can be done.

I have worked on a flag and crest with the party. Maybe we are dreaming big, but I think we can do something positive here to make a lasting difference.


flagRising Knights-06

Journal of Ayrn Valya: Kobalds and Mites

One thought on “Journal of Ayrn Valya: Kobalds and Mites

  • November 3, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Perhaps a book instead of a scroll? I tend to chronicle our journeys in a book as it is much easier to transport than bundles of scrolls :)

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