Zurbaz notes they need more lithium, selenium, and titanium to complete their ship and further repairs of the space station. Harmony is on Hexama, recruiting new Hexamen into a whole new way of life. The rest of the group lands the tug at the bottom of a steep plateau to investigate an old lithium mine. As they go up the old road, they are forced to bridge a washed-out gap. Immediately on the other side, they are confronted with a giant creature, not unlike a Mountain Eel from Castroval. It seized Shellen in its jaws and threw him away, almost killing him. With no healer present, the group fought a desperate battle to defeat the foe. After several more devastating attacks on the party, the giant beast fled, wounded.

The group secured the site, chasing away many Bone Mantis with their tug, and engaged the locals in restarting the operation, after they worked on the road. Setting their sites on titanium, they flew to a nearby asteroid in the trojan orbit of Rhodal. There they docked and cut their way into the old mine. Shortly after entering, Danora identified Akata cocoons. The group moved back and held an intersection against the monsters. Rin was infected by a bite during the fight, but the group managed to kill the creatures and destroy the remaining cocoons. Kento flew Rin back to Harmony for treatment, while the rest prepped the mine to obtain titanium. They also found a corpse of a similar creature to on the moon, suggesting the eel-like beings are not necessarily native to Hexama but the Rhodal moon system.

From the Mountains to the Sky

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