Episode 2:  Flower of Light

June 2nd, 2013


The group heads out upriver early in the morning of the 3rd day of the festival. Nearly a month’s journey lay ahead of them. The party moved quickly up the river without incident. Their journey to Arthfel forest was slowed with a fight with a Manticore they quickly dispatched. They avoided a Lumber Consortium ambush, traveling out of their way to enter the forest. That is when things got interesting.

Moving through a dense forest on a game trail, Kylie was attacked by an assassin demon. The party rushed to defend her, Gothion healing her repeatedly while the party fought the Demon. Max smote the demon, while Kaneth followed Becca’s suggestion to use the magic case the demon emerged from as a bashing shield, after his sword was damage by the demon’s acid coating. It was close, but the demon was killed, and Kylie saved.

The demon must have been there 100-150 years. He was waiting all the time to strike. What was odd, inside the box, there was a picture of Kylie! She was the target, but the demon was put into place before she was born. The party is unsure of the meaning. She took the odd medallion with a spider on one side, and an elf on the other. Also the party secured 40 coins from hell, before they evaporated into thin air.

Moving on, the party was surrounded by a party of druids and werewolves. They were led by Darsheeva’s son, Lyall, to her grove. There they met her mate, Bardolf and Grayson presented his plan. She agreed, on the condition that the party to help her end the Fey bargain made with a Fariee that is has now turned evil. Neither Darsheeva, nor her kin with Bardolf, nor any follower can enter the Northeastern part of the forest, which is under the control of an evil queen fariee. To end the spell without breaking it, one of her kin, not of Bardolf must enter the woods and retrieve a magical first world crystal flower.

It turns out, Becca Woodfell, is the granddaughter of Darsheeva. She can retrieve the flower and return it. The parted agreed, leaving their mounts and Grayson behind. They were escorted to the line in the forest and went in to find the flower. With them, was a magic cup, that when holding still water, would show them the way. Once into the dark part of the forest, they avoided the traps of ettercaps and giant spiders, finding a mound in the forest with the gathered loot of these ancient creatures and the flower. Avoiding the trap the flower was on, thanks to careful work by Kylie, the group fought their way out with their loot and ran for the line in the woods.

There were chased not only by the spider folk, but also the dark fariee herself. With the line in sight, there were beset by their hordes and the wasp-like fey herself. Kaneth picked up Becca, and using his magical eye patch, ran for the line, and the amassed kin of Darsheeva, and the druid herself. When the flower crossed, the kin exploded into the forest to fight back alongside the rest of the party.

After the fight, with the kin driving the dark fey back, the group retired to the grove, and then headed back to Almas.

Rewards and Loot:

XP to get to 6th Level


35 PP

40 Otherworldly coins that have to stay in a special container


  • Ancient Lion’s Head Shield (Kaneth)
  • +2 Cold Iron Sword (Kaneth)
  • Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (25 charges) (Gothion)
  • Mithral chain Shirt (Becca?)
  • Crystal Flower (Becca)
  • Wand Magic Mouth (14 charges) Verdantiel
  • +1 Bracers of Armor (?)
  • +2 Cloak of Resistance (?)
  • Slippers of Spider Climb (Kylie)
  • +2 Longspear (Kylie)

Antique Weapons and Armor form Taldor (value to be discussed in 7/13/2013 Game)

  • 2 Chain Shirts
  • 22 gladius style swords
  • 10 pilum heads
  • 16 shields


Episode 2: Flower of Light
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  • July 14, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    The antique armor and weapons were sold to Orrin for 36,000 gp and put into a House bank for party use along with the 385gp –converted other coins. The demonic coins were allowed to dissipate by Kaneth once he learned it would not negatively impact the environment or surrounding people.

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