Ayrn:  “We were lucky to make it safely out of that last scrap. I blame myself. We were following my plan, and it almost lead to Caleb’s and Micki’s death. We were ill prepared for the fight, and then once we tricked our way to victory, we were forced to dispatch the bandits in the night and in the dark. That was most distasteful”.

“I propose that we engage in more caution. As much as I want to emulate my hero, ” Ayrn raises his mug, “Even he started young and inexperienced. Perhaps I am too eager to be there, having watched friends grow up, and move on my whole life. As we move ahead, I think we should seek a path that we can manage.”

“I also suggest we think more about battle. We are fighting as individuals. We need to think as a team. We cannot leave Micki and Caleb isolated again from Grundur or me. Even Tracil needs some space.”


Micki:   “I have to say it is nice to have a big armored person close by to duck behind, since most everyone is bigger than me that shouldn’t be too hard. The excitement of a fight is hard to beat but one has to live through it to truly savor the experience, so having group coordination sounds like a good thing.”
Micki looks around at the surrounding wilderness and Tarcil busy with his map and sighs, “Mapping, ugh, what a dull charter. Still we may run into some dangerous wildlife that we can clear out, I can always hope anyway.”


Several days later…

Ayrn:  “It has been a much more fruitful month. This is a lawless land, full of bandits and foul creatures. It does not need to be mapped; it needs to be tamed!”  Ayrn finished his sentence slamming his now empty mug down for effect.


Tarcil: “I am surprised at how many people are this far south of civilization… it’s a lot more populated than we thought…”
“Bodes well for the future of this area and possible development.  Oleg stands a chance to get in on the ground floor.”

Ayrn:  “Provided we all survive long enough to deal with the things out there.”

Caleb:  Wooden walls and a roof provided a degree of security but right now I felt even that lacked the fortitude of stone. I nursed my drink hoping it would be a salve to my wounded pride. Looking back, my reaction was more severe than I would normally allow. But what was I expecting? Another giant trapdoor spider or something more? Staring into those vacant insect eyes and feeling the brush of their coarse hairs reminded me of something. Flashes of purple spines and webbed blades. Huge shapes slipping almost silently in the cold dark. A frozen plateau, a word, Lang? Leng?  Fevered dreams or forgotten memories?  Ayrn’s declaration wakes me from my reverie. list of websites . My friends are excited about what we’ve uncovered so far and what it could mean for the future of these lands. I glance out into the yawning maw of night and my blood could hear the promise of unhallowed secrets. Waiting just for me.
“I hate nature…”


Ayrn:  “Better not let Micki hear you say that.”


Episodes 1-3