Gathering again, the heroes discover they are being tailed by various people. Before they can launch a full investigation, Orrin reports that during the fire, someone stole a bag with an important ledger in it. The bag had a magical tracer, and a magic mouth that lied about a fireball trap. broken links test . He dispatched the group to find it.

The team quickly finds a poor swordsmith who’s shop is being used to store the ledger while they look for a mage to remove the curse. His wife is being held hostage. Kylie decides to pay the local crime family, the Leon family, to arrange for a mage and a return of the item.

In the meantime, the group decides to create a distraction and while they make a scene, Kylie replaced the ledger with a note that said “boom”. The group then focused on finding the missing woman using a locate spell.

Finding a bakery at the edge of the city, the team moved in and quickly overran the guards and freed many slaves to be, including the swordsmith’s wife. Moving through a secret passage, they made their way to a place outside the city and intercepted slavers in transit. After finding out the details, the team decided to set up the snatcher group.

Episode 4: Ledgers and Lackeys