Ennobling Proclamations of 4714

On the first day of Erastus, 4714, We hereby create the following Peerages, and Ennoble and Elevate these Persons in order of Precedence for this date. All new Peers are accorded the Rights, Privileges, Duties and Responsibilities of their Titles.

The Earldom of Lindar Granted to Minister of State and History, Tarcil the Mythologist. The Person and Property of Bokeon, the Alchemist, is under the protection of the Earl.

The Earldom of Coppertree Granted to Knight of Torag, General Grundar, with Drundar the Dwarf as Steward. The current Charter of the Mine by the Crown is hereby also transferred.

The Earldom of Candlemere Granted to Keeper of the Keys, Caleb Tillinghast. The Person and Property of the Sorceress, Belle Dame, is under the protection of the Earl.

The Earldom of the Narlmarches, Granted to, Marshal of the Marches, Marquis Miki. The Persons and Property of the Nixie Melianse and Dryad Tiressia are under the protection of the Earl.

The Earldom of Mordan Granted to His Sovereign Majesty, Aryn Mordan Valyar

The Countship of Thornberry Granted to the Lady Angela Thornberry

The Countship of Lakebourn to Lord Darious Lakebourn

The Barony of Leveton to Lord Sevtlana Leveton

The Barony of Rezbin to Lord Lloyd Rezbin

Be it known that all Peerages bounds are marked and noted in the Royal Survey of 4714.

Rights, Privileges, Duties and Responsibilities of a Peer

Rights and Duties of the House of Lords

  • All Peers have the Right to be Inducted to the House of Lords
  • The Lords have the Right and Responsibility, with a 2/3 vote, impeach and then vote to remove any Peer
  • Lords have a Duty to attend Parliament
  • The Seat in Parliament may be assigned to another of the Lord’s family, with majority approval of the House of Lords

Rights and Duties of Land

  • Peers have the Right to full use or unused of their land as they see fit, including selling or leasing, except for those items otherwise noted in the Ennobling Charter
  • Peers have the Responsibility of Low Justice in their Lands, and will ensure all Great and Lessor Law of Thylicia is followed
  • Peers have a Duty to give unfettered access to the Marshals and Sheriffs in the affairs of individuals in their Lands
  • Peers in the own Lands are answerable to the Marshal or Sovereign Monarch in matters of law
  • No Peer will be deprived of any Rights, Property, or Life without due Process of the Great Law

Rights and Duties to the Crown

  • Peers have a Sacred Duty and Responsibility to Thylicia and to the Crown and will support it with Oath and Action
  • Peers have a Sacred Right to Petition and Seek Redress of any Grievances directly to the Sovereign Monarch
Ennobling Proclamations of 4714