Ennobling Proclamations of 4716

On the first day of Pharast, 4716, starting the sixth year of Thylicia, We hereby create the following Peerages, and Ennoble and Elevate these Persons in order of Precedence for this date. All new Peers are accorded the Rights, Privileges, Duties and Responsibilities of their Titles.

We Raise the Following Earldoms to Dukedoms

Lindar , Coppertree, Candlemere, Narlmarches

We Further Establish two new peerages

The Dukedom of Varhold
Granted to Vern Reome, most notable citizen of Varhold. The city of Varnhold shall remain free to manage its own affairs, however, the Duke will be in charge of the Garrison and Watchtower, and charged with the defense of the surrounding area, including the Fort.

The County of Nomlynn
Granted to Vashrah Nomlynn for her loyal service to the Crown for half a decade.

With the Elevation of the Fort to a Settlement, the Barony of Leveton is now a County.

Be it known that all Peerages bounds are marked and noted in the Royal Survey of 4716.

Kingmaker: Ennobling Proclamations of 4716