Kith Dalton

Kith Dalton is a fantasy game set in a medieval style setting circa 1000 AD. It grew from a game designed to bring two new friends into the world of role-playing, both women. The Campaign was a first for me,

History of the Keldan Empire

The city of Keld started as a small city on the Pelcebian peninsula on the continent of West Auster, that grew to command a great republic and empire. Founded by a gathering of philosopher-magi, Keld was governed by a Conclave,

Fellowship of the Crystal Flame

Fellowship of the Crystal Flame As the Empire of Keld began to fall, only a few understood what was truly happening; Nilmere was one of these. While he was youngest man ever to serve on the Grand Conclave, Nilmere was

Knights Nathar

History The Knights Nathar date back to the tail end of the Keldish empire. They were founded by St. Nathan as a force of holy soldiers to stand against the growing unleashed of that era. The order soon lost its

Order of St. Anne

Order of St. Anne History Anne le Compatissant was a young peasant woman in Effay who felt a calling since she was a small child. At the age of 14, she left her father ‘s farm, and moved out into


Primary Religion The Primary religion in West Auster, is Xiotionism, a religion that in form is very similar to Christianity. Inoc Xiot was staked to the ground to die during the reign of the second Emperor of Keld, and the

Magic Rules

Skill Roll: Spells are purchased with the standard skill roll. Spells may be purchased in real points or using a multipower systems as outlined below: Characters may elect to set aside points with no limitations as a multipower reserve. They

False Gods, Demons, and Hells

The Underworld The true Lord of Darkness is Sauder, who resides in the center of the Maelstrom. Here is the true hell, and Sauder alone can move in and out of the Maelstrom. Here is the final resting place of