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Caudalis Beast

The caudalis beast is a top level predator native to most hot climates of Kale’urth. They have adapted to survive in desert and tropical forests. Average creatures were between 10-15 feet in length, 6-8 feet tall and weighing 600-800 pounds.


We will assume all normal plants exist in this world. Trees, grass, flowers, etc. This section is for unusual plants. Plants with special features or meaning. Plants that have medicinal properties or magical properties. Herbs, medicines derived from plants, and


At the start of everything there was Ur, who first created the esme’. Esme’ is the essence of everything. It takes the form of matter, energy, space and time and even life. Everything that is, is at its core, esme’.


Gifted by Ur with power and responsibility over the sun.   Kaafi created the solari during Bheliar’s uprising to help defeat his host of evil creations. Kaafi is an excellent warrior and able to harness the sun to create and control


Ur – All. The Start and the End. Creator of all things. Evaanii – First created beings by Ur. Divided into Adoya(creators) & Anunaki. Adoya – gifted with the power of creation and given domain over planets and other heavenly


Soleiri the “flame-touched” Deity: Kaafi The solari(The Flamed Ones) were made by Kaafi during ancient times to help defeat the Host of Bhelair. Originally Evaanii, they were very large humanoids standing 7-12 feet tall with flaming hair and glowing eyes


Goddess: Kale’ – “The Great Mother” Reason for being: Created to be hunter/ gatherers. (slaves) Regions found: Dense tropical and temperate forests. The Kythauryn were created by the countless centuries ago. The Kythauryn have forgotten their true origins since the


Horrors from Below Things end. That is the one constant of existence. Passions fade, empires fall, ancient groves are consumed, great tomes are forgotten, all things eventually meet their end. Of course that’s nothing to be happy about but then


The goddess Kale’ created three races of faerie, the Kale’kin. Each of these were associated with a different aspect of a tree. The Kale’khan were like the roots, and lived close to the earth, and often in it. The Kale’lori