Rising Psion

The first campaign set in the Cobb Imperium. The characters will be relatively untrained or latent Type III minds that start to develop their talents. They are mercenaries, but overall looking to do the right thing, get paid, and do


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Character Creation

  Character Creation   Starting Points 75 Maximum Disadvantage points 75 Maximum points for on disadvantages category 25 Bonus points in patterns 0   LANGUAGES   Free Languages Characters are assumed to speak Latish language. Latish is the official language

Starship Technology

MOVEMENT Gravity Polarizers Starships use large gravity generators and polarizers to pull themselves through space. The polarizer controls the effects of the gravity field, and directs all of its force only to the movement of the ship. Ships underway can

Campaign One Sheet

General Description: The players are mercenaries with growing psionic abilities working for a mysterious benefactor. The characters will be in motion from world to world. Importance of the PC’s: The PC’s are not yet important, but may be some day

Psionics Chart

Telepathy Telekinesis Clairvoyance Teleportation Psychogenetics Psychophotonics Empathy Force Field Danger Sense Missile Deflection Aid Energy Blast Telepathy Telekinesis Clairsentience Missile Reflection Drain RKA Mind Control Flight Precognition Teleport Transfer Force Field Mental Illusions FF by others Retrocognition Energy Blast Shape

Psionics Overview

TYPES PSY MINDS Pax classified Psionic adepts into three broad types of minds: Type I: Adept has full benefit from psigrowth drugs Type II: Adept has temporary benefit from psigrowth drugs Type III: Adept has no effect from psigrowth drugs


  THE PAX The Pax arose after the long chaos of the Colonial Wars in the Sol System. It was created by those calling themselves the Ratu, sometimes using elections, sometimes using force, always using subtle manipulations amid the chaos.

Subraces of the Imperium

HISTORY OF THE SUBRACES Humans are the only intelligent species in the galaxy, but they are no longer the same. During the reign of The Pax, there were several instances of humans transformed to fit their environments. In the early


SETTING The campaign is set over 22,000 years in the future at the beginning of the ‘Great Restoration’. Fully 10,000 years have past since the psionically based Pax collapsed in the face of a psionic plague. Without the psionic technology,