Prime TeamsPrime Directive is set in the Star Fleet Universe. The following is a quote from the Prime Directive Source Book, 1st Edition, page 12:Every starship has an officer in charge of landing parties and other detachments of personnel sent from the ship for various missions. This officer, known as the Briefing Officer, has several personnel assigned to his department and draws additional specialist from the ship’s other departments as required for a specific mission. In this regard, most landing parties (know as Action Teams) are temporary ‘task forces” organized for a specific mission and disbanded when its over.

Typical Action Team
Navel Lieutenant from Action Team department
Navel Technician from Action Team department
Medical Technician borrowed from Medical department
Engineer borrowed from engineering
Two marines borrowed from the Security department

In some cases, however, ships which consistently face this type of mission (e.g. most cruisers) and which have suitable personnel available form more or less permanent Action teams which remain together for extended periods and have personnel with a sufficiently wide variety of skills to handle any (or at least most) missions.
When these teams reach a certain level of competence and cohesion, they may be recognized by Star Fleet as a Prime Team and will spend time at Prime central before returning to their Duty Assignment. They may then adopt a unit name, logo, etc. In come cases,, Star Fleet (or the numbered tactical fleets) specifically form and train potential Prime Teams. Prime Teams are considered the elite of the Star Fleet special operations corps.

Typical Prime Team
Navel Lt. Commander/Marine Major

Marine Lieutenant, combat specialist
Marine Sergeant, heavy weapons specialist

Notes on differences between the SFB Universe and Star Trek: TOS

Obviously, Star Trek: TOS has some problems. There is no real effort to really look at the background until season two, for starters. They sometimes seemed to ignore some weapons, and were not always consistent. SFB is a wargame, and as such, everything has to be spelled out and consistent. Prime Directive also must do this, to be a stable game.
This setting is using the SFB timeline, which does not perfectly match up with Star Trek. One glaring area of difference is the inclusion of more non-humans in Star Fleet. In TOS we only saw one non-human in Star Fleet, and he was a curiosity. (The cartoon series did give us the guy with the long neck at the helm). In Prime Directive, while fully 70% of Star Fleet is composed of Humans, there are many other races in Star Fleet, especially those with Full Member status.Also, marriage in TOS seems all but impossible. Even Prime Directive only allows for one month of leave between 5 year tours. Neither of these make sense for humans. Marriage among officers in Starfleet is encouraged, just as it has been for centuries on Earth. In times of peace all Star Fleet personnel are given leave time to spend with family, often during regular resupply and rearming. Like in the 21st Century, families are often moved from base to base, as personnel are redeployed. Starships tend to be assigned to a given border fleet, and this makes returning home to see the family possible. In times of war, leave is given as possible, but all bets are off.


Game SettingIt is Year 167 since First Contact. The Characters are a Prime Team serving aboard the USS Kennesaw NCC 1717, recently converted to a Command Cruiser. The Kennesaw has just finished its second year under the command of Captain Salvik. The Kennesaw has not had a Prime Team in the past, and due to various factors, had a poor pool of action team personnel. After one close call too many with the Bridge Crew, Star Fleet is correcting this oversight.Characters will be members of a newly formed Prime Team that is fresh from the gruling, yearlong course at Prime Central. They will be Action Team members from various places, sent to Prime Central for their outstanding performance in the past, and formed into a Training Team. The first adventure will the their graduation exercise.

The team will need to be rounded out, to make sure all bases are covered. While all characters will be good in combat, the team will need to have at least one combat specialist. To solve problems, the team will also need a science type, to do all those Spock like stunts. A doctor would no hurt either. Obviously, characters can be more than their service division. Scotty was good in a fight, after all, and Kirk knew his technical stuff.


Significant Officers on the Kennesaw

Position Rank/Name Race Gender
Captain Captain Salvik Vulcan
First Officer Commander Condoleezza Walker Human
Second Officer/Science Officer Lt. Commander Ayla Renella Orion
Briefing Officer (3rd Officer) Lt. Commander Zell Forrest
Chief Engineer (4th Officer) Lt. Commander Andrid Andorian
Chief Medical Officer Lt. Commander Chut’ritt Kizinti
Head of Security Marine Major Isaiah Sharone Human
Second in Command Security Marine Captain Al’ust B’eens Rigillian
Transporter Chief Lieutentant (SG) Layla Myrinn Alpha-Cent.
Chief Quartermaster Chief Pety Officer Petri Jokinen Human
Shuttle Crew Commander Lieutenant (SG) Kerri’Sol Cygnan
Nurse Lieutenant (JG) Terri Rothry Alpha-Cent.
Senior Weapons Officer Lieutenant (SG) Geoffory Hammer Human
Senior Communications Officer Lieutenant (SG) Sarah Alalor Human
Senior Helmsman Lieutenant (SG) T’lon Vulcan
Captain’s Yeoman Ensign Ellen Ford Human


Captain Salvik
Ship’s Captain
Captain Salvik is the first Vulcan Captain of a Cruiser to command a non-Vulcan Crew (The Intrepid was all Vulcan). He has a reputation as a cunning officer, much in part from his years leading the Desert SehlatsPrime Team on board the USS Enterprise (briefly on assignment) and the USS Lexington.Salvik is an atypical Vulcan who has sought command his entire life. Like other Vulcan’s he does not express emotion, but unlike many others of his race, he has grown adept at recognizing and evaluating the emotions of others. Salvik has master the art of appearing warm, especially to humans, when needed, though his ability to switch this on and off can be disquieting to those who see it.Salvik is a model officer, who is hard when needed, but able to connect with the crew. Over the last two years, the Kennesaw has already been in several tight situations, where Salvik’s clear thinking, and shrewd tactical mind has saved the day. The crew of the Kennesaw like to boast that Salvik has all the positives of a Vulcan, without other stuff that drives humans crazy.

While he was a senior in the Academy while, Phillip Kossnett was a Freshman, Salvik’s race has counted against him in the minds of the promotion boards, as well as his extended tour on a Prime Team. While this has not embittered Salvik in the least (after all he is a Vulcan), Salvik has made a point of seeking out others who might be in a similar situation.


Commander Condoleezza Walker
First Officer
Commander Walker is in her first year as an Executive Officer, having joined the Kennesaw just after her refit. She is highly intelligent and focused. No-nonsense, Walker has never put aside time for a family, and always concentrated on her career. She is in top physical condition as well. As the executive officer, it is up to her to run the ship, and she uses her vast reserves of energy to keep the Kennesaw running very tightly. She is very much “by the book”, often in reaction to Salvik’s more oblique style, that was so successful as a Prime Team member. Commander Walker, often finds herself in a “bad cop” role, without quite meaning too. The running joke is that Walker is more of a Vulcan than the Captain.Walker was passed over for an XO spot previously, but specifically requested by Salvik when his previous XO moved to his own command. Salvik say she would be a a good Executive Officer, and Walker keeps theKennesaw running as tightly as any Vulcan would. It is one of the supreme ironies of the universe, Walker’s Vulcan superior officer is working with her to help her “be more human” and focus on more effective ways of leadership.


Lt. Commander Ayla Renella
Second Officer/Science Officer
An ethnic Orion, Ayla is a rarity on a Starship. With a people never enamored of the restrictions placed on them by the Federation, and historically resentful of Star Fleet, Ayla is an outstanding exception. One of the best Science Officers in the Fleet, Lt. Commander Renella excels in several science areas. Ayla is a always the Captain’s first choice for difficult scientific questions.Ayla has also show a strong aptitude for making solid command decisions, and she has earned the Silver Star for her actions as part of an away team, saving the rest of the party (including Captain Salvik). She is well liked by the crew, who have more than accpeted Ayla as just not a “Orion Dancer” but as a stong part of the crew.


Lt. Commander Zell Forrest
Briefing Officer (3rd Officer)
Zell Forrest is another former member of Captain Salvik’s old Prime Team, and actually replaced Salvik as the leader of the Desert Sehlats. Commander Forrest hails from the North American continent on Earth, from the state of Georgia. Ironically, he grew up in the city of Kennesaw, near the battlefield for which ship is named (Kennesaw Mountain). Speaking with an archaic “southern” accent, Zell is quite a character. He has studied military history of all the Full Member races extensively, has been a Civil War Re-enactor (and you though they were eccentric in 2003), and is a master of strategic games. As a briefing officer, the Lt. Commander feels it is his duty to keep the Kennesaw crew on their toes, and organizes many drills, often with unusual problems.Zell is well liked by the crew for his charming accent, interesting stories, and wry sense of humor. In any situation he seems totally at ease, and never quite seems to be taking things too seriously, right up to the point of combat, where he becomes dangerously silent. In his free time, Zell spars with Commander Walker in the gym, and plays complex strategy games against Captain Salvik or a simple game from Vikkar (Chut-ritt’s homeworld) that is quite similar to the Earth game of “go”.


Lt. Commander Andrid
Chief Engineer (4th Officer)
The gruff Commander Andrid is a classic Andorian. Always terse and to the point, Andrid is as efficient with language as he is with a warp drive. Andrid has no desire to move up in command, and thoroughly enjoys his work in the Engineering sections of the ship. It is rumored he never takes shore leave (a rumor that is in almost true) and instead spends his time working on ancient machine designs (such as his motorcycle). Andrid is one of the officers that Salvik brought with him from the Hardwick when he assumed command of the Kennesaw, for his outstanding abilities. Andrid always gives insanely short times for repairs, and somehow them makes them, usually to within the minute. Because he is fourth in the chain of command, Andrid serves his shift on the bridge, but almost always from the Engineering panel and not the Captain’s chair.While not generally like by the crew at large, the his staff genuinely likes him. Not noted for their personal interaction skills anyway, the engineers are more than willing to overlook their commander’s shortcomings to learn from his almost magical level of technical expertise. Andrid is also perhaps the closest person to Commander Walker. While Andrid often runs afoul of her “by-the-book” approach (he does not do what the book says, but what works), Andrid fully understand rules and how she plays them. Andrid and Walker have been noted as of late, spending off time together on various ship-based projects, starting its own rumor mill, to which they seem oblivious.


Lt. Commander Chut’ritt
Chief Medical Officer
A rare specimen indeed, Chut’ritt is a Kzinti in Star Fleet. Chut’ritt is from a world near the border, that was lost to the Patriarchy before the first Federation-Kzinti war. Called Vikkar, it was discovered on the Federation side of the border. The original colonists of Vikkar were seeking to flee the Patriarchy, and had left shortly after the Kziniti discovery of Impulse (and thus Strategic Warp) drive. They continue to practice a different way of life than their brothers and sisters, that has an focus on inner strength, and a philosophy similar to Zen on Earth. Vikkar has only a small amount of ongoing contact with the rest of the Federation. There is one trading space port, and that is where Chut’ritt grew up.Chut’ritt’s father was a trader, who took him on his travels. Already from an eccentric family, Chut’ritt found an interest in further exploring the galaxy, and Star Fleet seemed the best way to do this. His father used contacts on Reagan’s World to get Chut’ritt into the Academy testing.Chut’ritt was on the Desert Sehlats under Salvik, as the team Doctor. He is very experienced in xenobiology, as well as medicine for most of the Federation races. Chut’ritt attacks his duties with the same ferocity that Kzinti are know to use in combat. Brought with Salvik, Chut’ritt is a valuable member of the crew.

Many of the crew have had to get used to the large Kzinti in their midst, but Chut’ritt shows a compassion and warmth not normally associated with his race. Many crew members have found themselves asking Chut’ritt for advice, and finding themselves answering his Zen-like questions. Chut’ritt has more than once settled a Senior staff meeting “discussion” with a pointed question.


Marine Major Isaiah Sharone
Head of Security
Isaiah Sharone is a quiet man, who has acted as Security head an a Previous ship (DD) and served on a Prime team. He is quite good at his job, and spends much of his time working on training programs for the crew. Major Sharone uses an understated style that leaves you feeling as if he is one of the most dangerous people who have ever met (he is).


Marine Captain Al’ust B’eens
Second in Command Security
Al’ust B’eens is a classic Rigellian. He is an enthusiastic Marine, and implements the training programs laid out by Isaiah. Al’ust was often on any away missions, and has show some disappointment that a Prime Team will now be assigned to the Kennesaw, but his natural enthusiasm won’t let him stay down for long.


Lieutentant (SG) Layla Myrinn
Transporter Chief
Always calm in an emergency, Layla is an away team favorite. She is quite skilled and knows transporters like nobody’s business, and she is always the one that everyone wants to see when they are beaming down. Layla has saved more than one crew member from certian doom in the nick of time.


Lieutenant (JG) Kerri’Sol
Shuttle Crew Commander
Kerri’Sol is annoying but skilled. She is not only adept at managing the shuttles, but is in fact a hotshot pilot. If she can show more discipline, she would be in line to become a fighter pilot.


Chief Pety Officer Petri Jokinen
Chief Quartermaster
CPO Petri Jokinen, or “Peter the Great” as his is affectionately known, is in charge of the ship’s stores. Petri keeps a close eye on the ship’s stores, often referred to as “Petrograd” by the crew. Petri, in attitude sounds and feels a lot like Q from the James Bond movies, and tends to regard Prime Teams with the same tired disdain.


Lieutenant (SG) T’lon 
Senior Helmsman
T’lon is the Senior Helmsman of the Kennesaw, and as such spends most of her time on the bridge. T’lon is a good officer, if somewhat distant from the rest of the crew, a problem for many Vulcans. She is not yet sure what to make of her Captain, and every time she thinks she has Salvik understood, he suprises her with another action she did not prediect, yet in retrospect is totally logical. Salvik takes time with T’lon to help her follow his reasoning during their games of whatever passes for “Go” on Vulcan.


Lieutenant (SG) Geoffory Hammer
Senior Weapons Officer
Geoff Hammer was brought by Salvik from the Hardwick. Lt. Hammer is a skilled weapons officer and the only person on the ship that Salvik will address as “Mr.”. So legendary are “Mr. Hammer’s” abilities, firing weapons on the ship is often referred to as “bringing down the Hammer”. Geoff enjoys his job, and his reputation, especially with the female members of the crew. While sometimes he can be insufferably smug, Geoff has yet to let his success go to his head. Fortunately, he does not know that Salvik was only able to keep him, because he was willing to take on a “hard case” like Commander Walker, a deal Salvik was delighted to make (not thinking Walker was that hard a case in the first place).With a life long interest in weapons of every kind, Geoff spends much of his time honing his dexterity in a variety of computer games, sword play, target practice with a variety of weapons.


Lieutenant (SG) Sarah Alalor
Senior Communications Officer
Sarah is a thoroughly professional office who has mastered her craft. She is well liked by her fellow crew members, and is espcially liked by Salvik for the logical way she is able to order messages from Star Fleet.


Lieutenant (SG) Terri Rothry
Energetic, perky, and a little manic, Terri always seems to be doing two things at once, one of the usually talking – totally the opposite of Dr. Chut’Ritt. The two get along well, and Terri is a favorite of the crew, espcially the young human males.


Ensign Ellen Ford
Captain’s Yeoman
Earnest and hardworking, Ensign Ford repeatedly goes above and beyond her duties in tending to the needs of Captain Salvik. While most of the crew tend to standoff from someone so close to the Captain, she is close friends with Sarah. Fortunately for Ellen, Salvik has an ordered logic to his meetings and actions that is ordinarily uncharacteristic for such a dynamic leader.