Campaign One Sheet

It is the start of the Great Andoran Fair, in the month of Sarenith (June), in the Capital city of Almas. This is a fair where tens of thousands come from across Golarian, making it one of the biggest and largest fairs of its type on the continent of Avistan.

Ostario Orrin, the famous merchant, has offered a mysterious job to “The right group of those seeking adventure”. He has not put out a similar call for 8 years. There is a big buzz as it seems everything Ostario Orrin touches, turns to gold.

You are one of the seekers looking to sign up with Orrin’s latest deal. You have come to the Great Fair in hopes of being one of the few selected.



Rising Knights starts in Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom (p.42 Inner Sea Guide). Characters should be from the region, but we can look at a back story. If they are not from Andoran, they should at least believe in the Andoran tenets of freedom and the people having a say in their lives.

The game will range across Andoran and to other places. This will not be all city or all wilderness. The campaign should run in arcs, and it will be story driven, more than place driven. Andoran is the starting focus for the game.

Importance of the PC’s: The PC’s are not total novices, but not yet important. They may be some day increase in importance as they join the ranks of other similar parties in the world.

Campaign Tone: Moderate

Morality: Good vs. Bad is mostly clear cut

Realism :Neutral to Romantic

Outlook: Almost Everything works out

Seriousness: Seriousness balanced by light-heartedness

Continuity: Mostly Serial, some enforcement of campaign continuity



  • Starting Level: 5
  • XP: 19,000
  • Starting Traits: 3 (One of these may be a personal trait that duplicates another trait with a different backstory. See GM)
  • Gold: 13,500 that can be used to buy starting equipment, including magic items. All is subject to GM approval. Looking at at +2 Limit.
  • Classes and Races: Any in the Players Guide, or Advanced Players Guide
    • (I have misgivings about Witches as written so see me)
    • I want to stick to the normal races. You may take the alternate race traits listed in the APG.
    • I might consider a reformed Drow or a bloodline based race with a really good back story.
    • Characters may work towards prestige classes
    • Characters may use traits or feats from the Advanced Race Guide
    • Ultimate Magic can be used.
  • Alignments: Characters may not be Evil
  • XP progression: Medium
  • House Rules: See link on Spell Casting and Stats will be in effect:  House Rules
  • Notes: Each character will need to be unique in some way that allows him or her to shine. These niches will prove to be important as the game progresses.


The goal is for characters to be the good guys. They are out for adventure and righting wrongs in the Andoran spirit or liberty and justice. They will start out working directly for a very good man who is seeking the best for his nation (even if he sometimes is bypassing red tape and the like).




I am seeking the right group of those seeking adventures for a series of special tasks. These tasks are not for the faint of heart. Success will yield riches and fame, failure will be death. I am looking for the brave souls that yearn to make a difference in the Andoran and the world beyond.

All applications will be accepted on the second day of the Great Fair at my third stall. Retainer will be 5 Gold per month plus board in Almas. Other payments for specific will be awarded on a per mission basis.