Wu Xing, means “Five Elements” in Chinese. Wood (Mu’), Fire (Huo), Earth (tu), Metal, (Jin), Water (Sh ui). These are not like the Greek elements, as building blocks of matter, but more like modes of being.

Located at 214 W 22nd Pl, Chicago, IL 60616

Proprietors are:

  • Teaches the Wind, Dreamspeaker, Majordomo, Winnebago Indian, speaks Ho-Chunk
  • Luo’ Chang, Brotherhood, Head Chef
  • Second Chef: Tao Quan, Normal, but aware.
  • Night Desk (7 days a week), Vampire, Siegfried
  • Guardian: “Yogi”, “Blue Bear”, appears to be a great spirit bear, with a deep black fur with a bluish tint. Playful and serious, he is very wise.


The Chantry is built on a site of an old werewolf Cairn. That pack was out American settlement of this land. A Dreamspeaker (Teaches the Wind) helping the Sept, was able to stop the cairn from falling into Wyrm clutches, even though the Sept itself was destroyed. She made a deal with an Avatar of Gaia to keep it preserved. That is now the font that supports the Chantry and the Horizon realm in this area the and is linked to a bear spirit “Blue Bear” who is the guardian, who will appear in the basement.

The spot was shunned for some time, until the city covered the area. A member of the Akashic Brotherhood and his disciple, (Lou’ Chang), were drawn to the area in a Spirit Quest. Lou’ Chang remained and helped fold the mundane aspects of the Chantry into the area of the city turning into Chinatown.

Lou’ Change and Teaches the Wind have fashioned the Chantry into a teaching Chantry. New Tradition (and sometimes other) Mages are sent, by their Mentors or Traditions to learn, to develop, to grow.

Physical Description

The Chantry itself is well hidden, by forces the Mages do not understand, but seem linked to a greater power than presents. If one does not know it is there, it is nearly impossible to find. The mundane parts are a normal hotel (4.5 stars on Yelp), with a Chinese restaurant in the bottom, and three floors of rooms.

The basement holds a large Zen Rock garden which is the center of the power of the old Carin. It is here Blue Bear manifests. It is also storage for the hotel, and thanks to the energies present, it is larger than it should be. Anyone unawakened would think it ran under other buildings.

The Fifth Floor is a horizon realm and accessible only to those who know the portal in the basement. This portal is an ornate pair of doors:

Going though enters into a realm about two acres in size. It is a two floor, open courtyard monastery set in a mountain location, without severe cold. The season mimics the seasons of the world. The doors open to the second floor, with stairs down to an atrium, and hallways to the rooms, which circle the outside. Each bed Room has a window to the outside world. There is one communal bathroom on each of the three room halls. The inner rooms, which look to the courtyard are various study rooms, storage etc.

The lower floor has the large atrium, linked to a library, labs, and other sites to practice craft. It also has a kitchen attached to the far end. The middle Courtyard has an identical Zen Garden to the basement. There is an inside Dojo opposite the atrium, across the Court yard. Outside the walls, there are ranges for archery and fire arms on one side, and an exercise course and Dojo on the other.

There are an indeterminant number of bedrooms. Each room has the symbol of a tradition and is tuned to the belief system of that type of Mage.

Associated Clinic:

Clinic is St. Agatha Lin’s after a Chinese Christian Martyr. It is attached to a Chinese Catholic Church.