Many Paths, One Truth

Formed during the Great Depression, The Truth of Many Paths was formed in the City of New York by Tradition mages fed up with the Tradition Council, and disillusioned Technomancers. Its leader was a Son of Ether Oracle, alive since the founding of the SOE codenamed Professor Spatium. His or her identity was never known for sure, and Spatium resigned from the council of leaders 5 years after the formation. Spatium did leave behind the Qualis Device to ensure members were honest. While no one is sure how it works, so far, no one who has passed the test of the device has betrayed Many Paths.

Council of Leaders:

The Council has two slots for members from every Tradition and Convention elected by those in Many Paths. Often, the Council has not been full due to a lack of potential members.


The Goals of Many Paths is to forge a new way towards Ascension that does not rely on any one understanding of reality, but that unlocks understanding along the ways that work for individuals. The “One Truth” is not known, but the belief of Many Paths is that the way to reaching the Truth cannot be forced by one being’s understanding upon another. Thus, members honor each other’s different ways of understanding, while working to build paths for sleepers that are different.