General Description:

The game is set in a medieval time as civilization is starting to reform after the collapse of the Keldish Empire. The Characters are up an coming heroic free-lance adventurers from Kith Dalton. The campaign is a combination of “epic high fantasy” and “swords and sorcery” styles.

Importance of the PC’s:

The PC’s are not yet important, but may be some day as they join the ranks of other similar parties in the world.

Campaign Tone:

Morality: Good vs. Bad is mostly clear cut

Realism Neutral to Romantic

Outlook Almost Everything works out

Seriousness Seriousness balanced by light-heartedness

Continuity Mostly Serial, some enforcement of campaign continuity


The game is set in the world of West Auster, the western section of the continent of the same name. Once part of the mighty Keldish Empire, West Auster is now a series of fudual kingdoms and city states. There are various races and nations, but normal humans appear the most dominant. Monsters are other darker things lurk outside civilized areas, as do older magical artifacts that can be found by the brave.


The whole of West Auster, but the characters will start in Kith Dalton.

Occurrence and Influence of Magic

Magic is common, and most people have run into it in some form or another, often used by a master craftsman, or by a village elder. Powerful magic is more limited to those who study under an expert in a magical college of magic. True gatherings of Wizards into groups is just beginning to happen in the largest cities at places of learning. Only the capital of Brythland has this in Kith Dalton.

Source of Magic

Magic is drawn from elemental forces of the world itself. The level of magic has not been constant in the past, and it more powerful now that it was 500 years ago.

State of Religion

Religion throughout the region is variations on the same monotheistic tradition, with different specific doctrines.

Character Building Guidelines

1. Starting Points: 75

2. Maximum Disadvantage points: 75

3. Maximum points for on disadvantages category 30

Special Rules

All magic must take Skill Roll (-1/2). Spell colleges from 4th Ed fantasy Hero are allowed, but all spells must be cleared with GM. Players may choose to be anyone of the Major races. Bryan’s house rules are in effect.