Counter Strike Legacy

Season 2: Heroes at Work

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Season Notes:

This season marked the most preparation for a plot line I have ever conducted. It was a smashing success.


Adventure List

Adventure Dates


Obelisk Raven Scratchbuilt


Totals: 29 29 28 29 29
Adventure Dates


Obelisk Raven Scratchbuilt


Season 2 2000
Who is Hitoritenka? 03/14 3 0 3 3 3
Where the Wild Things Are 03/21, 03/28 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Anarchy Again! 04/04, 04/17, 04/24 1/2/1 1/1/1 1/1/1/ 1/1/1 1/1/1
Hydra’s Head 05/02, 05/09 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Double Vision 05/15 3 3 3 3 3
ESPER 05/23 3 3 3 3 3
Rising Stars 05/30 1 0 2 1 1
Inferno 07/10 2 2 2 2 2
War of the Worlds 07/18, 07/25 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Wonderland 08/01, 08/08, 08/15, 08/22 2/2/2/3 2/2/2/2 2/2/2/2 2/2/2/2 2/2/2/3
Experience Totals:
Season 1 Experience: 29 29 28 29 29
Season 2 Experience: 37 31 36 35 36
Total Experience: 66 60 64 64 65




Legacy Synopses

Season 2


The new Counter Strike  has been a smashing success. Despite the loss of their base, there is the great promise of great things. They have neutralized StarFall, foiled VIPER and Demon, and stopped a major magical attack from starting. They continue to have concerns over the rise of paranormals. Does Muerte Negro and the recently captured Ubermachine have anything to do with it, will Dr. Bolere be able to help Mindwipe, what is the nature of Verne’s attacks on Scratchbuilt, and what can Raven learn from his work with Plasmoid? These are the challenges that face Counter Strike

201. “Who is Hitoritenka?”

The adventure covers several months. The base is under construction, and a hypersonic scrambler is being fashioned for the Pegasus. A bomb is found in the base and safely taken care of. The Government is taking a larger role in public support of the team, which still remains a private group.

Nightwind and Walker infiltrate Hitoritenka to gain the needed information for Obelisk to help cure Mindwipe. What they find is disturbing, and shows a plan to reactivate and manipulate the Fireball’s Cluster. The team worries about how this news has impacted the recent surge of paranormals. Obelisk uses the information, and in conjunction with DNA scientists, he is able to aid Mindwipe in a complete recovery.

Walker enlists Raven to pursue an investigation into the PI who has vanished in San Francisco, and uncovers VIPER involvement. Walker places a camera to view the comings and goings of VIPER drop-offs near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Raven stops well equipped Cyberpunks from robbing a bank, and continues on, throwing himself into his work.

Disturbingly, there is growing press against  Scratchbuilt about use of deadly force. Making things worse, Scratchbuilt goes on TV in a “Stockdale” interview. Obelisk is away at a conference, or working with Mindwipe. throughout the adventure. Zak goes under cover to trace the Cyberpunk’s money sources. He gains some information, and starts dating Pussy Galore, a wealthy CEO of an Aerospace firm, to pump her for information.

Raven and Obelisk both are conducting investigations into separate areas. Obelisk looks at accidents that might have caused superpowers if not for use of the FCV, while Raven investigates Plasmoid’s past. Raven Plasmoid less intractable and more coherent than first expected, thanks it seems to work by someone in the past.

202. “Where the wild things are.”

The base is completed, and the team moves back in. Obelisk and Brainstorm dress down Scratchbuilt on his interview. Raven feels bad all day. During  the “discussion” Nightwind is summoned by pager to DNA, where she finds the Animen taking apart the main DNA records room. She summons the team and engages the Animen, soon backed up by the team. After defeating the Animen easily, the team discovers they are being used against their will. Dr. Bolere undertakes to cure them of their condition, and restore them to humanity. Counter Strike takes the Animen into protective custody, and Kat gets her great aunt to drop the charges DNA wanted to press.

Raven’s “headache” turns out to be a pulse wave bomb, using a similar construction to the late Dr. Senatore, who’s failed final experiment was responsible for the death of nearly 100 people, and the freedom of Plasmoid. Both Obelisk and Raven have come to find similar stories in separate searches.


203. “Anarchy Again!”

Danger strikes again in LA when Anarchy Inc., seizes the LA County Courthouse. Unbeknownst to the team, this is in fact, a plan to cripple Counter Strike, that Shockwave had planned and developed for the last two months.

Upon arriving at the Courthouse, the team split up, with Raven checking out the power supply, Walker hitting the roof, Scratchbuilt found an “entrance” hole in the side of the building (a false entrance as it turned out), while Nightwind charged in the front door. Obelisk, the last to arrive, reluctantly followed Nightwind into the building. Once inside, Nightwind’s new mystical sense of danger prevented her and Obelisk from being struck by agents sniping from interior offices. Unfortunately, Obelisk was still struck by Shockwave and knocked out quickly. Jacobin, Dragonite, and Shockwave all made their appearance, and Nightwind was forced to dodge Jacobin’s blades.

Raven moved from the power area to aid his fallen teammate while Scratchbuilt disarmed an explosive. Walker discovered some sort of sleep gas, and moved to help victims into the stairwells. Raven was forced to pursue Jacobin, who had taken Obelisk. Nightwind used her suit’s new clinging to scale the wall and kick Shockwave as he hovered in mid-air. Once down, Nightwind used the alternating aspect of Shockwave’s force field against him (PD/ED cannot both be maxed out), to damage his armor, and prevent Shockwave from being able to focus his energy to fly. Detonating a ground zero explosion to strike at Nightwind, Shockwave knocked himself down, allowing the swift martial artist to grab him.

Scratchbuilt was taking care of the two snipers, scaring them with his death ray, and was then confronted by Stratofortress. Saved only by his forcewall adsorbing some of the damage of the punch, Scratchbuilt was able to use his death ray to render Stratofortress. unconscious. Moving on, Scratchbuilt flew to the lobby where Nightwind was struggling.

Nightwind was in the position of having a tiger by the tail. She carried Shockwave into the stairwell and ended up down a floor after her captive shot the floor. Dragonite fly back to head into the basement via another way, after being shot by Walker as he dropped down the stairwell to aid Nightwind. Feeling confident yet, Shockwave put out radio static, and destroyed the electronics of Nightwind’s suit, but she tenaciously maintain her grasp.

Raven, meanwhile, lost track of Jacobin while he was hiding Obelisk. When he caught up to him, Jacobin managed to knock out Raven, and then proceeded to take all three unconscious combatants to the “mole” beneath the building. As Scratchbuilt came upon the flying Dragonite, he managed to knock him out. Shockwave used the threat of a bomb at the stadium to demand release. As me moved to retrieve Dragonite and leave, Nightwind cracked the security lockouts, and found the hole in the bottom of the building.

In the exciting climax, Jacobin is stopped by Walker and Nightwind, who take him out and seize the “mole”. Shockwave, who has resuscitated Dragonite in a plan to fly away while Jacobin burrows away, as forced to head downstairs and again confront the team. Counter Strike and Anarchy Inc., both depart with their fallen comrades, and Shockwave leaves a device to deactivate the stadium bomb. The team heads home, discussing the worst debacle since their inception. As this wraps up, Raven detects anther pulse bomb, which he is able to deactivate at the last moment.


204. Hydra’s Head

The adventure opens with the team confronting Scratchbuilt about his irresponsible use of his death ray with the them being concerned more than punitive. The team is requested by Mayor Patel of San Francisco to help deal with the crime wave of NeoVIPER attacks the city has been suffering. The team heads to San Francisco the next morning.

Before leaving, Zak Orion (Scratchbuilt), and his new love interest, Pussy Galore, meet with friends of Ms. Galore who propose giving Zak a job to work towards a “better world” where “people are in their place”. Walker gets a call that the Paul Chase case he is investigating has turned up someone taking both jewelry, some photos and a statuette from Mr. Chase’s apartment. It was a entry with a key apparently.

The team arrives at San Francisco and plans to help cover the Mint, the Docks, the Diamond Exchange, and a maker of Delta Clippers. Walker, who preceded the team into the city, found the word on the street was that VIPER was going to hit the Mint, but there was also a rumor about the Delta Clipper site. Nightwind convinced a private hydrofoil owner to head down the coast to protect his toy.

With vigilance, the team safeguarded the Delta Clipper, and stopped the VIPER battles suits, the Anaconda, Sandsnake, Cobra, and Boa. The Rattler operator decided description was the better part of valor and headed for the hills. Gaining the rendezvous coordinated from the suits, Raven sent the Coast Guard and Navy to search the area, but they found nothing in the area, except a vague sonar trace that vanished.


205. Double Vision

After experiencing problems with his suit, Scratchbuilt calls it a night and head home early. He soon realizes there is a Lightening bomb in his home, placed there by Verne. For the next two hours, Zak is forced to use his powers to deactivate the bomb.

In an unrelated episode, but with bad timing, Muerte Negro has placed a thug in a suit to pretend to be Scratchbuilt. Using a charged particle beam, this impostor kills three Cyberpunk set up by Muerte Negro to rob a bank. The press goes wild overnight, leading to a long talk with Zak by his Counterstrike. Both Brainstorm and Mindwipe are away on business, leaving the team to make their own discussions. Raven quickly analyzes the tape of the incident and feels strongly it was not Scratchbuilt. Walker explores the scene and gathers other evidence that this was a setup. The bodies are not available for study due to a forged order in the Crime lab, something Walker continues to follow up on over the course of the adventure.

Nightwind talks with both the Chief of Police and the Police Commissioner about letting Scratchbuilt turn himself in without threatening his Secret ID. Her next stop was to be the Judges, however, the impostor struck again, giving Obelisk and Zak a chance to take the Cyberpunk out. Out for a night with Pussy, Zak hit three agents whom ‘Scratchbuilt’ was attacking, while Obelisk held the impostor. Together they proved the existence of the impostor, and helped to clear Scratchbuilt’s name. While he did have to go in for questioning, his secret ID was maintained.


206. ESPER

Brainstorm, off on vital work for the NSC and UNTIL, is unable to go to the assistance of Lazarus Kage, a former member of Psi-Kin. He sends Mindwipe, his prot�g�, in his stead. Mindwipe and Lazarus Kage are captured by ESPER, but Mindwipe’s powers, now supported by nanotechnology, are not reduced by the psyphonal drug given to him and Lazarus, to drain all Psi powers. Brainstorm is able to use this information to locate Mindwipe in Alaska, and gathers the team. This time, Brainstorm is going into the field with the team, wearing an armored battled suit designed by Mr. Thorn himself. The team rockets into the air and links up with the new hypersonic scrambler for the Pegasus.

The Pegasus touches down out of sight of a remote cabin, and the team proceeds towards the cabin on foot. Before they can get to the cabin, they encounter Psi-Force, the 2nd ESPER strike team, backed up by its Psibots. The team, along with Brainstorm fight Psi-Force, and defeat the neophyte team, capturing those who try to escapes. Raven is instrumental in seizing control of the Psibots and using them against their masters. Mindwipe emerges from the cabin, having dealt with the internal agents. The rescue accomplished, Counter Strike heads home with their captives.



207. Rising Stars

Obelisk is away at a conference in London. Nightwind stops a carjacker at the expense of her motorcycle. Raven is again approached by mysterious visitors who reveal one of the pulse-bombs as the payload for a Technical Mechanics satellite. Scratchbuilt continues to worm his way into the “organization”, but is growing increasingly uncomfortable over his feelings towards Ms. Galore. Walker stops a minor Demon member from killing his secretary, and then gets her to a safe haven.


208. Inferno

The team shines as it responds to a raging fire in old factories that are being converted to condos. Scratchbuilt rescues a falling crane operator, and uses his vision to locate trapped occupants. Raven clears the top floors to the roof, while Walker creates a bridge to the hovering Pegasus. While Obelisk carries a high powered hose into the building (while holding his breath), Nightwind races inside and jumps to safety with victims.

Meanwhile, Scratchbuilt sees another victim in the old factory and charges in to rescue him. I turns out he was only seeing an old hazard suit, but as he realizes his mistake, the building explodes. The concussions causes fallout on Obelisk who knocks his way out. Walker cannot sense the soul of Zak anywhere within the burning building. The team finds Scratchbuilt’s body inside burnt armor, and carry his body back to the base. Obelisk runs a quick DNA test and proves it was Zak. Walker remains to investigate the site, while Nightwind moves to put Zak’s affairs in order.


209. War of the Worlds

Walker feels for any underground passages, but cannot find any. He cannot detect any trace of Zak’s passing, but is not sure what factor Zak’s other worldly origins may play in this. Walker does find some sort of holographic projector, and the remains of a bomb. Raven returns to the scene at Walker’s behest, and upon investigation, decided that the device must have been a magnetic projector to confuse Scratchbuilt’s N-Ray Vision. He further identifies two local manufactures who could create the device which he and Walker proceed to investigate.

Brainstorm introduces a new team member, Col. Evan Escent, a former Army Special Forces member, and part of the last super soldiers program.

The investigation leads to “Real Side Productions”, a special effects house. While Mindwipe and Nightwind check this lead out, Walker covers the morgue, and finds his “mark” scanning DNA and dental records, despite orders not to identify from Brainstorm (and thus the NSC). Walker take the man into custody, and has his contact in the police department take him to a safe house.

After the Funeral, Nightwind and Evan infiltrate “Real Side” after investigations have reveled it to be not what it seems. Things overheat quickly, and the entire team come to aid them. The team bashes its way into he base, dealing with Verne’s mechanical men and agents, only to find Zak alive, and fighting with Verne in his lab. With Verne captured, the team gets the entire story from Zak as they depart.

Zak was captured by Verne, and a “clone” using the “Shelly Process” was created. This process creates a lifeless, misshapen body, but once burned, this could not be told except from bone structure (explaining odd dental records). Verne also captured Pussy Galore, Zak’s Girlfriend, and had Zak working on a mechanical way to stabilize alien dimensional fields (as Zak and Zachary do naturally). Zak was stalling, and when the team attacked, he was left unguarded. He promptly escaped and freed Pussy, and then destroyed Verne’s way to his home dimension. Confronting Verne, Zak was just able to subdue him before Counter Strike arrived.


210. Wonderland

Strange things are afoot. Fen sightings in East LA have returned. The team moves to investigate these happenings. The old site appears to be dormant, but there is new magical area to the south. A cave network shows signs of shifting between our reality and the Fen reality. The team enters the cave, and finds that they cannot leave. Heading deeper, it is evident that they are inside a magical, interdimensional trap. The team finds an 130 year old structure within the cave, that has a Zodiac theme. The team struggles to solve the riddle, moving from room to room, each with its own puzzle to solve. The team deciphers the riddles and activates the machine properly.

To their horror, Demon had tampered with the machine, and the team has been held to a slower pace of time. They have returned 17 years later, to a world that has been devastated by VIPER and Demons. While the team ponders “how to get back” Zak comments that even if they can “go back in time”, they will not be able to fix this timestream, merely switch the reality in which team members are residing. Excalibur Voyager, and two other members in Excalibur arrive and fly the team back to the Counter Strike base.