Counter Strike Legacy

Season 1: The New Legends

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Quotes of the Season

“Obelisk looks scandalized.”
-The response of Obelisk (Karl Barber) upon being asked in “First Day on the Job” about being paid to be a superhero.

“Nightwind is consumed in fire and dies.'”
GM to Walker: ‘you free the eagle’.
GM to Nightwind: ‘you feel the pain of the fire and the world fades away.’.
From afar, Walker remembers the old D&D example about fighting a dragon. ‘The PC’s char and die.

-Exchange between GM and Nightwind and Walker, while Nightwind and Walker were in the spirit world, when Nightwind is struck by the fire of a evil spirit in “It Never Stops”


Season Notes:

This has been my first time running an online game, and it has been great fun. After enjoying “Batman Beyond”, I really felt the urge to explore the future of a superhero universe, with all that incredible technology  trickling down into every day society. I have always had trouble seeing dystopia when anti-grav was on armor suits. So far, the Counter Strike Legacy game has been a blast, and I look forward to continuing after a much needed hiatus.


Adventure List

Adventure Dates


Obelsik Raven Scratchbuilt


Season One
First Day on the Job 1/3 1/3 0/3 1/3 1/3
Anarchy Now! 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Disturbance in the Desert 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
When Stars Tumble 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Patrol 1 1 1 0 0
Showdown 3 3 3 3 3
It Never Stops 3 3 3 3 3
When Anarchy Reigns, it Pours 2 3 2 2 2
Magic In the Mountains 4 4 4 4 5
Experience Totals: 29 29 28 29 29


Legacy Synopses


In the first years of the 21st century, Directed Natural Solutions debuted a vaccine to prevent the activation of the “mutant” genetic set, now know as “Fireball’s Cluster”. Once administered, the DNA vaccine repaired Fireball’s Cluster in parents, and prevented transmission of active clusters to children. With the disappearance of most mystics after the Great Stand of 2003, paranormals receded all over the world.

In 2056, the super technology of the end of the 20th Century has spilled over the world. In the United States of America, cars can drive themselves and some can fly. There are several space stations and moon bases, and an international base on Mars. More of the world is developed, and with new energy sources, even the third world has seen a dramatic reduction in all forms of pollution.

A disturbing trend has developed however, and that is a growing increase of paranormal activity, especially in the New World. DNA is investigating these incidents. While SWAT teams now have power-armor as good as the Army, the newer paranormals are presenting a growing problem for police. Concerned, the NSC has advised the President to explore the phenomenon.

Unfortunately, PRIMUS has been transformed from a paranormal response unit, into a successful force for space exploitation. Congressional Leaders are opposed to any new employment of “Supers” by the government, and this leaves President Wagnon with the dilemma of how to manage the situation.

Operation: Legacy was conceived as a covert operation created by the NSC using black funding in cooperation with Thorn Enterprises. Using a reactivation clause, Brainstorm has been placed in charge of recruiting and reforming Counter Strike, in Los Angeles, the largest source of new paranormal incidents. All government money is run through Thorn, and as far as the public knows, Thorn is hosting the new team out of his pocket.

The Team is based out of the Original Counter Strike base, modernized and refurbished. The team also has access to the Pegasus, a rejected prototype APC for the military, designed by Thorn Industries.

Season 1

101. “First Day on the Job”

The new Counter Strike team is recruited and assembled by Brainstorm. Also present are Brainstorm’s prot�g�’ Mindwipe, and Nathan Thorn, the retired CEO of Thorn Industries. Raven is not present, as he was sidetracked by a crime in progress.

The Team attends a press conference, disrupted by a Demon patsy trying to scan the team. With Scratchbuilt causing a distraction, Walker deals with the man. The conference ends on that exciting note, and Raven returns from his mission. There is nothing like rolling up your sleeves and getting started, and the team is summoned for an emergency.

The team assembles in the Pegasus, and are briefed on the way. A large robotic centipede with Tentacles is attacking downtown. The team races to stop the attack, and soon disable the giant mechanical menace. When investigating the scene after the battle, it became apparent that whom ever sent the centipede, filmed the team in action.

102. “Anarchy Now!”

Nightwind researches the parts used to make the centipede using here secret ID contacts. The name Technical Mechanics continues to come up. The team also learns that while they were stopping the monster, NeoVIPER hit a Thorn Shipment of new armor suit power supplies, and tried to steal neural interface technology from Future Innovative Technologies. VIPER got away with 2 prototype power units, killing the 2 guards, however, their entire team was stopped at FIT by Marathon Options security.

In other news, Obelisk gets a job with Hitoritenka in their LA lab, Scratchbuilt receives an invitation to speak at an architect’s convention, and there were reports of a archaeological site being attacked and two students killed. Walker investigates the site, and obtains a map to another potential site. Once he is able to decipher the map, he learns that the site is in Nevada, not far from Las Vegas.

While at work, Nightwind responds to Anarchy, Inc attacking her DNA lab. She slows the attack, and after Jacobin’s assault on defenseless normals, she is knocked out. The rest of the team arrives, and heads to the laboratory in the DNA building to stop the elements of Anarchy that are present. In the fight, the team captures Jacobin and SNAFU, with Scratchbuilt almost killing SNAFU with his death ray.

103. “Disturbance in the Desert”

Obelisk and Raven visit SNAFU in the hospital, and learn of her religious convictions about stopping technology, worrying the team that they are dealing with fanatics. The interview of Jacobin reveals his is unrepentant, but with less religiosity. Meanwhile, Nightwind and Walker gather information for the files of Technical Mechanics. This information leads to dummy corporations adsorbing about 20%-30% of TM sells. Raven reports these parts can be used to make nasty weapons.

In other news, there is the first of a series of mysterious murders of homeless persons, and a new threat to the city is a growing gang that calls itself the “Cyberpunks”. VIPER attacks a Texas facility, getting parts for space hard-suits.

The Team heads for LV on a “publicity” tour, and Nightwind and Walker head out to the sight as the sun goes down. There they disrupt the summoning of elementals to excavate the site, by a Morbane from Demon and Cyberwolf. During the fight, the three workers employed by the Morbane are transformed into Fen, (a type of demon bent on taking over the world). Cyberwolf and Nightwind fall ill as the rest of the team arrives in the Pegasus, with the Morbane teleporting away. Walker stops the site from having as full an activation, but in the process gets “infected” himself. The site triggers a site near the mountains East of LA, as the team evacuates the area, including the now captured Fen.

104. “When Stars Tumble”

In the follow up back at the base, Walker dispels the effects on Nightwind, and the three Fen, but continues to have problems for himself, as does Cyberwolf. Also in the news, Jacobin escape via teleportation. As soon as the Fen are banished from the effected workers, alarms go off, and the team is summoned to the LA Spaceport.

Star Fall attacks the LA Spaceport thinking that Counter Strike is in Las Vegas. The team responds quickly, and surprises the supervillians. Plasmoid, Wormhole, Reentry, and Jupiter are all captured, while Pulsar was forced to retreat.

At the base, the team digest the news of another odd death of a homeless person. Walker spends time investigating his condition, and the team continues to look into VIPER connections.

105. “Patrol”

The Team is concerned to hear about yet another murder committed by the “Shelter Slayer”. Walker goes undercover in this area. Obelisk researches the possible use of a new “Ubermachine”. (Mike and Karl not available for the adventure). There are sightings of Lizardmen in east LA, towards the mountains. The Team assumes these are Fen, and start tracking both sighting of Fen and disappearances of citizens.

The rest of the team correlates information. Raven notes that the only parts VIPER does not seem to have for a super-battle suit is the neural interface they did not get from FIT. Raven and Nightwind patrol, while scratch built stakes out the other LA company that manufactures neural interfaces. When a VIPER stealth team hits the base, Raven and Nightwind rush to the area. When personnel become endangered. Scratchbuilt intercedes and soon Raven and Nightwind show up. Raven reads the encrypted computer in the VIPER van and determines the general location of the VIPER base.

106. “Showdown”

Armed with new knowledge, the Team investigates the wharf, and the general area the VIPER base is located in. Walker continues his undercover work of the last 2 days. Nightwind uses here secret ID connections to narrow the search two an unused warehouse and a TM warehouse. The rest of the team covers the area more directly. While underwater searching, Scratchbuilt it torpedoed and captured. The team begins a search, first with Obelisk, and then with Raven when he arrives.

Scratchbuilt wakes up, and finding his suit destroyed and his weapons missing, uses his powers to get out of his cell. He sneaks around the base, getting a feel for the layout. He is attempting to find the control room when he is at last noticed once the base goes on alert.

With Nightwind coving the unused warehouse on foot, Raven fends off an attack from torpedoes as he looks for signs of Scratchbuilt. Raven takes out the robotic subs and leads Obelisk to the underwater entrance to the base. While they enter from below, Nightwind charges into the base, and past bewildered defenders., just in time to rescue Scratchbuilt. Seizing the control room, Nightwind and Scratchbuilt call the SWAT team, and play havoc with the base. Obelisk and Raven neutralize the remaining defenders.

Meanwhile, Walker is captured by the men kidnapping the homeless. He easily frees himself of his bonds and waits for a moment to disrupt the plans of Muerte Negro and the great-grandson of Professor Pomegranate. Walker manages to save two potential victims and capture the Professor, but the Ubermachine is destroyed in the process. In addition, one of the victims develops super powers before Walker’s eyes, and Walker links this new hero to Mindwipe and Brainstorm.

In the fallout, it appears that the Nest Leader escaped in a mini-sub as soon as Scratchbuilt was captured, taking with him the head engineer of the VIPER Super-Suit Project. The Leader also managed to take with him the research notes and one of the Thorn power cell prototypes.

107. “It Never Stops!”

Walker and Nightwind go to Canada to look into a cure for the Fen possessions. Scratchbuilt attends an architectural conference in San Francisco. There are more Fen sightings East of LA. News comes that Mechagrond has escaped Stronghold and is headed to LA. Mindwipe is worried about a possible vendetta from Mechagrond.

In San Francisco, Scratchbuilt is ambushed by a unknown sniper. Scratchbuilt manages to get safely into his armor but is knocked out. Upon recovering and investigating, it appears that the assailant departed in a Orinthropter, leading Scratchbuilt to assume that Zachary’s nemesis, Verne, has come to this dimension. Upon hearing of the attack, Obelisk and Raven race to San Francisco in the Pegasus

While the team is away, the base falls under attack from a tunneling Mechagrond. By the time Obelisk and Raven return to the base, Mindwipe has been critically injured protecting the normal base personnel. Raven and Obelisk stop Mechagrond, but Mindwipe remains in a coma.

Walker and Nightwind meet Windigeo, who leads them on a journey into the spirit world. They return with the Thunder Spear, a device that can banish any Fen possessions. Walker is cured, and is then cures Cyberwolf. Thee three return to the ruined base after 4 days.

108. “When Anarchy Reigns, it Pours”

Obelisk begins working on a nanotech solution for Mindwipe. The team is back at Thorn Industries’ main offices for meetings, while the base is being rebuilt. Because of the government feeling at fault for Mechagrond’s escape, they are openly assisting with the cost of rebuilding the base. Scratchbuilt returns from San Francisco warning of Vern. There are additional Fen sightings and the team is discussing them when the TV shows Shockwave and Dragonite attacking a law office in Portland Oregon.

The team leaves Scratchbuilt behind to cover SNAFU’s transfer to Stronghold. Once in Portland, it becomes apparent that this attack is a ruse and the team races back to the Nevada desert. Scratchbuilt relays their warning, and the convoy carrying SNAFU diverts into the desert. Anarchy, Inc attacks, and Scratchbuilt helps to hold off the attackers until Walker can teleport to the site from the Pegasus, via a magical node walk. Walker and Scratchbuilt manage to capture Fallstaff and prevent SNAFU from being rescued, however in the process, Scratchbuilt again uses his death ray to critically injure an Anarchy member, Rubicon.

109.    “Magic In the Mountians”

Trying to get the Fen problem under control, Walker proposed activating the magic site prematurely. He enlists the aid of Windigo and they start the ritual as the sun sets. This calls forth the Morbane-Fen and all other converted fen to the area. The team stops the Fen, and The Morbane-Fen’s elementals, though the field effect around the magical site, inhibits Scracthbuilt’s suit to some degree. At the last moment, Walker is able to disperse the Air elemental before it disrupts the ritual.

With the site spent, and the Thunder Spear used, all the possessed are freed, Demon’s plans are frustrated, and the team heads home for a much deserved rest. Dr. Bolere continues his research into a cure for Mindwipe.