Legacy Synopses

Obelisk, Scratchbuilt, Nightwind, Raven, Walker in the Purple Twilight.


In the first years of the 21st century, Directed Natural Solutions debuted a vaccine to prevent the activation of the “mutant” genetic set, now know as “Fireball’s Cluster. Once administered, the DNA vaccine repaired Fireball’s Cluster in parents, and prevented transmission of active clusters to children. With the disappearance eof most mystics after the Great Stand of 2003, paranormals receded all over the world.

In 2056, the super technology of the end of the 20th Century has spilled over the world. In the United States of America, cars can drive themselves and some can fly. There are several space stations and moon bases, and an international base on Mars. More of the world is developed, and with new energy sources, even the third world has seen a dramatic reduction in all forms of pollution.

A disturbing trend has developed however, and that is a growing increase of paranormal activity, especially in the new world. DNA is investigating these incidents. While SWAT teams now have power-armor as good as the Army, the newer paranormals are presenting a growing problem for police. Concerned, the NSC has advised the President to explore the phenomenon.

Unfortunately, PRIMUS has been transformed from a paranormal response unit, into a successful force for space exploitation. Congressional Leaders are opposed to any new employment of “Supers” by the government, and this leaves President Wagnon with the dilemma of how to manage the situation.

Operation Legacy was conceived as a covert operation created by the NSC using black funding in cooperation with Thorn Enterprises. Using a reactivation clause, Brainstorm has been placed in charge of recruiting and reforming Counter Strike, in Los Angeles, the largest source of new paranormal incidents. All government money is run through Thorn, and as far as the public knows, Thorn is hosting the new team out of his pocket.

The Team is based out of the Original Counter Strike base, modernized and refurbished. The team also has access to the Pegasus, a rejected prototype APC for the military, designed by Thorn Industries.