General Description:
The players are mercenaries with growing psionic abilities working for a mysterious benefactor. The characters will be in motion from world to world.

Importance of the PC’s:
The PC’s are not yet important, but may be some day as they join the ranks of powerful psionics in the world — provided they live that long. .

Campaign Tone:
Morality: Good can be clear, but there is also a lot of gray
Realism Neutral to Romantic
Outlook Sometimes it all goes wrong
Seriousness: Seriousness balanced by light-heartedness

Mostly Serial, enforcement of campaign continuity

The game is set in the Cobb Imperium, and the surrounding space. It is in the far future, in a universe shaped by a galaxy-ranging psionic empire that fell over 10,000 years ago to a psionic plague. Now civilization is growing again without the benefits of psionic technology.

There are no other races save humans, but they now come in a variety of forms. Terran standard humans are still the majority.

The whole of known space.

Occurrence and Influence of Psionics
Psionics are now rare. The more common types of minds to develop psionics died out with the plague. Players will be burgeoning psionics of Type III or Type II minds, and each will pick a discipline of power. Psionics are generally feared and people with them are generally controlled. Imperium technology has some shielding and detectors.

State of Religion
The main religion of the Imperium is polytheistic, with a huge number of gods. As a state religion, it allows other gods to exist.


Starting Points: 50
Maximum Disadvantage points: 50
Maximum points for on disadvantages category: 25

Special Rules
Starting Psionic Discipline: 5 (Worth 15 points of Patterns)
See Psionic Rules for Guidelines on psionics
Non-Terran Subraces have a Social Lim: minor discrimination 5points
Citizenship in the Cobb Imperium is a Perk worth 10 points
License for a non-citizen to carry a weapon is 2 points
Mercenary license (includes carry) is 5 points
Characters are assumed to speak Cobb language
Any character who is not from the core worlds gets a native languge for free as well (languages forthcoming)

Experience Points
Characters will earn regular experience points (xp), and psionic experience points (pxp) over the course of play. Psionic experience points are limited to the purchase of psionic Patterns. Regular experience points are normal character points. These are spent on skills, characteristics, and Discipline skill rolls.

A character can increase his psionic points by spending regular experience points. For each xp the character spends, he receives 3 psionic points.