After spending the night in its shadow, the team entered the ancient fortress and began a long drive to find and end what they were now convinced was an ancient Lich. They fought through several guards and traps, eventually finding the missing Nomen princess. Keeping her well to the rear, the beleaguered group pushed ahead to confront undead in thrall to a mighty Lich.

Along the way, they found gruesome evidence of the undead eating townsfolk. The horror of the plight of Varnhold grew, and their determination to put this evil to sword, axe and fire grew. At last, they found the chambers of their foe.

This was the fight they expected. Grunduar charged the Lich, while the rest of the group engaged the other undead. The dwarf Paladin reared back to strike and, at a touch, the lich paralyzed him. Aghast, Tarcil pulled Grunduar to safety. Taalen had an answered prayer and was able to restore Grunduar to action. As the fight wore on, the undead fell. Again, Grunduar faced his foe, and again, he was paralyzed.

But the fight was taking its toll on the Lich, as Ayrn fought the Undead, the spell casters burned and tore away at the ancient evil. Finally, the Lich fell, and the group signed in relief. It would be a day before Taalen could restore Grunduar and Farra, who were both paralyzed. The party searched the room, and were astonished to discover the dread lich kept his phylactery on his person. The took the evil artifact from his eye, the very thing that let him take the souls. They also found soul jars and released the soul of a townsfolk. Seeing her immediate trauma, they kept the rest of the jars closed, until they could return to Stagfell and priests to minister to the people. After a day’s rest, Taalen restored those paralyzed, and using Taalen’s mystical mounts, they tore across the countryside to Stagfell. Ayrn ordered Miki to take flight as a bird, and tell the Noman High Priestess what had happened, and that the Sovereign Monarch of Thylicia would welcome her at Castle Stagfell where he would Treat with her. Miki was then to fly back to Stagfell, and in fact, she beat them there.

The Queen and Miki met the rest of the party returning to Stagfell, and together they road into the city to much fanfare. There was much work to be done in running the Kingdom, and as soon as they arrived, the Founders were set to work. At Ayrn’s request, Vern oversaw the preparation of quarters for the coming centaur delegation. Taalen worked with the priests to prepare to revive the few remaining citizens of Varnhold. After a busy week of solid government work, the remaining Varnhold citizens were revived and offered entry into Thylicia, which they accepted. The High Priestess had a reunion with her daughter, and also accepted the treaty offer from Ayrn. The City broke into a great celebration, as the tension from the threat form the West broke.

Looking to the future, there is unrest among the Swordlords. The Kingdome must be on guard.

Against the Cyclops Lich