March Upcountry 1: Hell is Coming to Breakfast

The group finds the are part of 24 people bumped from the AbadarCorp Jane Manwel by a traveling Diva, Sharrol Charge, (Human) and her entourage. The Dweri manager, Al Hillsdale Starmover, ticked off at his organization being wrecked, offered to send anyone bumpbed, as crew, at no cost, on the AbadarCorp Slinger 17, a “sling-ship” fast cargo ship. Characters were told they would pay no costs, have no debt upon arrival, and get paid 50 Credits worth of UPB upon arrival, which have better value on Sirona 3 than Credits, because of inflated prices. Further as crew, the characters will told they would be allowed to wear side arms, and keep other weapons locked in their cabins as crew

AbadarCorp Slinger 17 is a three-part ship, with engines in the back, a cargo area in the middle to facilitate “self-drops” (Like out the back of a C-130) and then the bridge and crew areas. The bridge can explosively detach as a lifeboat, with thrusters.

Normal Crew of 20, but only has 6 at the moment. Characters were assigned to help with various duties, such as Helm, Engineering, and Science.

Current Crew:

  1. Captain Senvar Starmover (M, Dweri, Envoy)
  2. 1st Officer Drakmar Givvens (M, Vesk, Mystic)
  3. 1st Engineer Ginny Vin (F, Gnome, Mechanic)
  4. 2rd Engineer Jaxractor (M, Lashunta, Operator)
  5. Cargo Chief “Jumpy” Sem (M, Ysoki, Operator)
  6. Vilmake Avril, Ship’s “Doctor” (M, Human)

After settling into shifts, Danora said would make sure to scan the Drift for objects, as this was of interested to her. Vash’uurnoted he was investigating the cargo, and ran afoul of “Jump” but did learn what they were transporting. The others engaged in normal activities.

It was third shift on day 4, out of an expected 6 day trip. Because Danora was paying close attention, she noticed a rift forming and warned Sheelen. Harmony overhearing, went ahead and dodged the rift, which instead of being another ship entering Drift Space, it was in fact a torn away piece of Hell.

The materializing infernal plane included a jagged spire of rock, which had the ship continued on its old course, would have materialized inside the back of the ship. Instead, the port wing was ripped away. Harmony rolled two natural 20s in a row to avoid being speared and keep control of the ship and even move away from the new land below.

Meanwhile, back Zurbaz kept reactor working with NPCs to keep the reactors operational. Each roll bought a bit more time. This allowed Harmony to keep the ship under control. They ended up dying in the shut-down. He moved forward to secondary engineering.

Kento went for Gun up front and Danora moved from Science to the other gun. Both fired at winged demons with laser eyes.

Vash’uur tried to save Captain from an Imp which had materialized in the ship but failed and was ordered to a gun by the First office. The First officer went back to help others fight the infestation of an ice demon.

Zurbaz and Kento worked to shoot the flying demons and managed to destroy them, but not before they landed several hits on the Port side of the ship. Harmony was unable to control the ship well enough to aim away from the attacks, but achieved a final role to get safely away from he land.

Danora noted a giant cybernetic worm emerge from a new portal. This creature, covered in metal feathers which rent drift space, began cutting the drift in a circle to reclaim the piece of Hell. It screamed out a cone causing a void to suck in the demons. A second one arrived and opened a portal to normal space which the ship tumbled through.

That damage of the demon attacks meant the reactor had to be shut down. Zurbaz kept it from a total explosion, but only through the sacrifice of the Chief Engineer and crew. The First Officer ordered Zurbaz to front and to blow the bolts between the front and the back. He sent the injured Rin with Zurbaz, who was put into the forward hull’s med bay. The First Officer said survivors aft would try escape pods.

On the other side, Harmony managed to regain control of the ship using thrusters. The ship was now on a course to collide with a moon in orbit of a large gas giant. Danora monitored the sensors and noted the moon was habitable. It was clear where they were headed. Vash’uur noted the cargo would be great to get and while Harmony held the ship steady, four others piloted the cargo pods down to the moon. Three pods survived, the Exploration Buggies, a Fuel Still, and the Explorations ATV.

Zurbaz blew the bolts and Harmony safely piloted the ship to a plain on the far side of the moon from the Gas Giant. Radiation leak from reactors force them to abandon the ship. The team striped the ship and headed for the still 10 miles away.

Danora was able to scan the planet with its details. A quick scan of the plants showed that with supplements from rations, the party could live her for some time. The group set off, Rin on a stretcher, to get to the still. Once arriving at the still without incident, they set up to rest, and stocked it to begin making fuel.



March Upcountry 1: Hell is Coming to Breakfast