Paths in Darkness 02: Who are These Guys?

In-Game Time: January 2014

Trent got an “in the event of my death/disappearance” package from “The Swede” another Adept with whom he has been in contact. He has already asked Trent to look up some information in the past. The Swede was tracking “Vasari” who appears to have been working for the Technocracy Syndicate. Vasari is manipulating financial markets very subtly. The Swede fell off the radar 2 weeks prior to the message arrival.

The Package appears to have been set up to come to her Mailboxes Etc. (or whatever he use) if The Swede did not send a weekly code. Inside:

  • Details of Vasari’s movements online.
    • Young Adepts who are manipulating markets or even ATMs that Vasari appears to be targeting. There is a list of lost Adepts in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, LA, San Diego and Seattle, and their support staff, 15 in all. Tom (Tracy’s Character’s Robot) has postulated that with 15 VA in the manipulation group, his thought is someone was/is a rat.

The Swede was worried Vasari was going to strike someone again, and was going to try to intercede. He left the details of the strike. A post to his log makes it sound like he stopped a HIT Mark, but then there is nothing after that.  An investigation on The Swede’s apartment points to him going to save a VA in NYC. The VA he went to save in New York is also now missing.

Trent went to The Fanum, the Werewolf Sept to visit Joy.

Paths in Darkness 02: Who are These Guys?