Adventurers Club of Chicago

The Adventures Club of Chicago is a front for the Sons of Ether in Chicago.

The Adventurers Club had its beginnings in 1911 when Major Robert Foran came to Chicago as a journalist. Major Foran had been the Associated Press correspondent attached to then President Theodore Roosevelt’s African big game expedition of 1909-1910. He was also a Son of Ether specifically using the stories of Roosevelt to inspire sleepers.  Shortly after Bob’s arrival in Chicago, he became acquainted with Charles Dawell, the proprietor of St. Hubert’s Old English Grill. A group of adventurers, big-game hunters, explorers and military men had been meeting there, informally. The group also included two fellow Etherites. Bob, author and journalist, with his background of adventure that included big-game hunting, ivory poaching, military and police service, was a welcome addition to their group. He and the Etherites soon struck up an idea, they presented at one of these informal meetings.  Major Foran proposed its organization and all those present enthusiastically approved the idea. The club’s motto was composed (and toasted) at this meeting. Baron Guido Von Horvath (SOE) suggested the emblem, the “A and the Globe”, and Phil Sawyer completed its design.

It is located at 714 S Dearborn St, Fl 6, 60605 Chicago, United States. The downstairs of the building is an exotic book store, with the club occupying the upper floors. It provides an excellent cover for the activities. They secured their present location due it sitting upon a node. Full members in good standing are allocated Tass in for forms of galvonic batteries.

Current SOE members:

Dr. Alice Foran (club president) Professor Authur Elias Kent, General Hammond (often not there as he is in deep umbra exploration) Adrian, and J.R.

Adventurers Club of Chicago