Paths in Darkness: 06 Little Girl Lost, Part 2

The group staggered back the protection of the Chantry in the clinic. Megan worked through the night to restore Joy to good health. As the Sun a rose JR brought in armor he had been working on for the team. Everyone was exhausted and knowing that a long day and night was ahead of them, Megan administered life Magic to revise sagging energy.

Adrian researched located by Edgar uncovered a house for sale in the area that was not turning over as it should have. She set up an appointment with a real estate agent for the afternoon to investigate. Edgar and Vaughn surveyed the local park and could detect the node nearby but Underground under the neighborhood. Adrian, Megan and Vaughn felt the assault of mind-magic trying to drive them out when the toured the home. They left not seeing the basement, which the agent refused to show them saying she had an appointment. Megan felt a great evil in one of the rooms.

Telling the werewolves what they knew, the werewolves took charge. They would assault through the Umbra, while the Mages would come in the real world with 6 the organized crime family kinfolk. Joy would be with the mages.

At sunset, the attack began. The team went to the back, and after dispelling wards, immediately went towards the basement. They triggered a ward on the stairs, and they turned them to Silver. Joy was happy to be in Human form.

Entering the basement saw four evil Mages. A pitched battle ensued where the party had the drop on the evil cult. Between an angry werewolf, and a fast exchange of gunfire, our Heroes had the better of the group.

The Kinfolk, knowing better than to deal with reality warping, went searching the house for the Lost Girl. One of the Nephandi used his fetish to summon a murder of crows against JR. The last of dark wizards to move spread out a blurry image and transported all four cultists away.

The Kinfolk what’s the girl away from the house as soon as they had her. Family would now be even better guarded. Alone in the basement, the heroes took stock. The Lost Girl was tied up downstairs in the bathtub. The group spent the night purging the house of evil influences I just scoring the fowl ritual Circle in the floor of the basement.

Two of the Nephandi were Barabari, 1 order of Hermes and one Celestial chorus their leader. Edgar and Megan’s reported this up their chains command.

The nodes which was used by the evil mages was moving towards the city. Edgar started to track it to see where it might go.


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  • Eric, +1 for helping with system
  • Tracy +1 for Servo on stairs idea
Paths in Darkness: 06 Little Girl Lost, Part 2