Paths in Darkness 05:  Little Girl Lost Part 1

The Cabal returns to Chicago, the train group arriving before JR and Megan. JR is quickly settled, and Adriane takes him to the Adventures Club. There he is taken in as a provisional member. (Basically, buy a node and become a member in good standing, or do something in game to pull that off).

The group investigates several headlines in their absence and immediate return. Edgar was able to trace the minor earthquake to a spot about 20 miles NW from the City, linked to an alignment with Jupiter. He was well able to understand the forces and could see the effect as a tremor of things to come.

After three weeks, Joy “Runs into Dawn” accompanies Chris “Dreamwalker” Vann to the Chantry to ask for help. Dreamwalker is not happy about coming to Mages for help but is following the orders of the venerable sept leader, Kelly “Weaver-Friend” Patterson. They outline that Michelle Carcassone has been kidnapped.

Michelle Carcassone is a precocious 11 year old girl from Evansville, Il. She is living with her maternal grandparents. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was an infant and she never knew them. The Accident was in fact a hit, as her father was part of the Chicago mob. Michelle is part of a watched family (through her father) of Garou descendants and mob connections. Glass Walker intervention kept Michelle from also being murdered, as she has the markings of becoming a Garou herself.

Michelle was born under a waxing crescent moon with a particularly strong accent of the planet Jupiter. She is bright, clever and curious. She is also far angrier then the average nerd. She knowns her father was part of the mob but is unaware (as are her grandparents) of her relation to beasts of the night. The Garou had a jaggling watching over her, but that was destroyed when she was kidnapped. Michelle attends the John Middleton Middle School.

Michelle was kidnapped yesterday (Saturday), from her room. It looks like a runaway, but the Sept knows the jaggling watching her was killed. Her Grandparents, Sasha and Andre Wilderman are beside themselves. A kinfolk older woman, Alicia Mason, with gifts for calming and healing is tending to them at a safe house. Two other Kinfolk, Neil Hinzman, and Carey Ray currently occupy their home.

The team spends Sunday researching the kidnapping. In searching the house, they find the evidence the jaggling was killed in the day and she was taken at night. Camera footage from the school processed by Adriane and JR shows a strange man following Michelle. Leaving the home, Megan avoids a gangta tail.

The Cabal is able to identify the local gang, the Gangster Disciples as local heavies in the area. Neil and Carey are able to get them the overall update on them (with their links to more classic organized crime The Chicago Outfit). The team finds out they are meeting at a local car repair shop and after drone surveillance by JR, they enter with a plan for Megan to sing them to sleep. Things do not go as planned.

Joy is able to easily pick the lock and they enter. Megan starts singing and weaving her spell. She is unable woo the 7 people to sleep however, and they charge towards the room. Thinking quickly, Adriane, thinking quickly, pushes a desk in front of the doorway. Two of the toughs make it over the desk, but the rest pile up behind the third. The battle begins with Edgar firing, but winging the man in front. Vaughn hits the winged man with the pommel of his knife. JR lassoes and binds the other, but the unbound man fires his heavy revolver, with silver bullets, directly into the just transformed Joy, who screams in pain and rage as the silver enters into her body. Startled by the events, Megan badly stumbles in her song, and the spell is broken, and paradox poured into her body. Unable to react and reeling, Megan can only watch helplessly as Edgar blows a hold through the armed man. Vaughn shrugs and starts towards the men across the desk, but Joy, with a howl, leaps across the desk and strikes at three of the thugs and quickly incapacitates two, leaving the others cowering in terror. Vaughn talks to Joy and takes her away to sooth her. Megan rushes to stabilize they badly injured men, laying on hands and praying, as she is too stunned to speak. She wants to take them too the clinic but Edgar tells her no.

JR and Vaughn talk to the awake thugs and gather that they were hired by the odd looking man through their boss “King Kobra” who sounds like a hedge mage. They do not know where the girl was taken, but that they had jacked a car to use. JR is able to quickly determine from the newspapers that the car was found abandoned around 20 miles from the city in a suburb.

Edgar pulls one of their phones and dials 911 and leaves the line open. The cabal leaves, but Megan wants to stay in the park to watch the ambulance arrive. Edgar and Adriane lead, with some force, the stunned Megan back to their care, telling her she need to concentrate on helping Joy when they get back to the clinic.

-End Part 1

Paths in Darkness 05: Little Girl Lost Part 1